One-day driving trips to Jozankei

About 1 hour by car from the city, Jozankei hot springs is familiar to Sapporo residents, and it is a hot spring area made attractive by the fact that it is close enough to visit on the spur of the moment. However, do you know that the hot springs are not the only reason for wanting to head out there? This time, with “Jozankei is not just about the hot springs” as our theme, we introduce fun spots hidden away down side roads and in the forests, that you wouldn’t notice just driving down Route 230. That said, you might find that you may suddenly want to warm yourself up on your way back, but that is okay too, Jozankei hot springs has around 20 bathing facilities for day-trippers, so keep a towel handy in your bag, just in case.



Why not take a trip by bicycle during your stay in Sapporo? The period from mid-April when the snow starts to melt to October with its beautiful red leaves is excellent for experiencing Hokkaido’s northern landscape with your body, both within Sapporo and around its outskirts. Sapporo does not have rainy seasons and the average temperature in mid-summer is about 22°C. On the outskirts, even the countryside roads where you can command a view of the rural scenery are well paved, perfect for touring in nature. The number of overseas visitors in search of this ideal environment is increasing every year. Here we introduce ways to thoroughly enjoy Sapporo on a bicycle, whether touring in nature or cycling in the city.


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