Hokkaido, with its thriving dry field farming, rice farming, dairy farming, and fishing industries, is a treasure trove of ingredients. Sapporo in particular is the ""City of Food"", where fresh ingredients are brought in from all across Hokkaido every morning. The city is nationally famous for ramen noodles, soup curry and ""Genghis Khan"" mutton. There are numerous restaurants in Sapporo, and you can enjoy cuisine that makes full use of Hokkaido ingredients. The fact that there is a deep connection with producers, with chefs paying visits to the growing districts, is the key to the delicious taste. The chefs take the feeling that the producers put into the ingredients and show off their ability as they entertain their customers. Sapporo and Hokkaido are synonymous with delicious taste, so much so that tourists from both Japan and overseas, without fail, cite ""food"" as part of the pleasure of staying in Sapporo. Please come and enjoy the seasonal taste.

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