Sapporo Cultural Heritage Walk

  • Otomobori Edition

    The central axis of urban Sapporo
    Infrastructure of the Otomobori in 1866 (Keio 2)
    The spirit of Kametaro and the prosperity of Sapporoki

  • Kaitakushi Edition

    The legacy of the emerging Kaitakushi
    Urban development and manufacturing in Sapporo

  • Sapporo Nanseki Edition

    The 40,000 years journey of Sapporo Nanseki
    From earth-shaking volcanic eruptions to things that look kawaii

  • Sapporo Olympics Edition

    Sapporo Olympics Edition

    Progression to a modern city told by the legacy of the Sapporo Olympics
    Sapporo – a city newly designed by the Olympics

  • Jomon Culture Edition

    Jomon Culture Edition

    Jomon and Sapporo
    Exploring the Jomon Period in Sapporo

  • Seasonal Symbolisms

    Seasonal Symbols Edition

    Fully appreciate the seasons in Sapporo
    Four exquisite seasons woven by nature and people

  • Snowy Cold City Edition

    Snowy, Cold City Edition

    A life with snow and ice
    Overcome, utilize, and enjoy the harsh winters