What to wear in Sapporo in winter. Recommended outfits for December, January and February

In winter in Sapporo, the cold and necessary clothing change around the turn of the year. Buildings are well heated inside, so layers that can be put on and taken off easily are desirable, but outside the extremely cold temperatures fall well below freezing and it is important to dress accordingly. See below for recommended outfits for your winter trip to Sapporo.

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 Recommended outfits for December

Average temperature-0.9℃(30.4°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature2.1℃(35.8°F)/-4.1℃(24.6°F)
Outfit 1Down jacket, shirt, pants, non-slip boots, scarf, gloves
Outfit 2Coat, knitted dress, thermal inner layer, tights, non-slip boots, scarf, gloves

Snow falls and melts during the day before freezing over the road surface at night. For this reason, shoes with good grip are the best choice for walking outside. During this season, the snow is beautiful as it flutters down but it can mean you get a little wet. Wool fabrics are good for keeping warm, however, a down jacket or coat made of nonabsorbent material such as nylon is recommended. The cold north wind also blows on occasion, so bringing something such as a scarf to wrap around yourself is advised.

Recommended outfits for January

Average temperature-3.6℃(25.5°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature-0.6℃(30.9°F)/-7℃(19.4°F)
Outfit 1Down jacket or long wool coat, sweater, windproof pants, warm inner layer (upper and lower body), non-slip boots, scarf, gloves
Outfit 2Long coat, turtleneck sweater, pants, thermal inner layer, thick tights, non-slip boots, scarf, gloves, knitted hat

As the new year dawns, the amount of snow increases with the arrival of midwinter. The snow on the sidewalk is uneven in some places, while in others it is compacted, becoming slick and slippery. In terms of footwear, snow boots or shoes with non-slip soles are a good choice. A long, warm coat is also essential to protect you against the extreme cold of this period. Underneath, knitwear or a turtleneck over a warm inner layer is recommended. For your lower body, windproofed or fleece-lined pants are best.

Recommended outfits for February

Average temperature-3.1℃(26.4°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature0.1℃(31.8°F)/-6.6℃(20.1°F)
Outfit 1Down jacket or long wool coat, thick sweater, cold and windproof pants, warm inner layer (upper and lower body), snow boots, scarf, gloves
Outfit 2Long coat or long down jacket, thick sweater, skirt or pants made of cold and windproof material, warm inner layer (upper and lower body), thick tights, socks, scarf, gloves, knitted hat , ear muffs

The severe cold from January continues into February and inner layers with excellent heat retention and performance are a must. For tights, 100 denier or more is recommended and thick knitwear or tweed material to protect against the wind is best for the upper body. An outer layer with a hood is convenient, but a knitted hat and gloves are also needed. If you’re wearing pants, a fleece lining is a good option, along with snow boots or footwear with effective non-slip soles.

 Watch your step during winter in Sapporo

When walking on icy sections of road, make sure the entire sole of your shoe touches the ground. Take small steps, if it helps, imagine walking along like a penguin. Even if the surface seems to be covered in snow, take care as there may be ice underneath. Slip-prevention soles that can be hooked or stuck onto your shoes are available at convenience stores and shoe stores in central Sapporo for about 1,000 to 2,000 yen. Some shoe repair shops also offer to attach non-slip soles for you. This costs about 2,000 to 3,000 yen and takes around 40 minutes, but is recommended.

So much to enjoy in Sapporo in winter

Central Sapporo sparkles with illuminations from various events as Christmas approaches. In the new year, the famous Sapporo Snow Festival takes place from the end of January to the beginning of February. In keeping with the season, a variety of outdoor winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing can be seen. Making sure to wear the correct clothing to protect against the cold is the best way to enjoy winter in Sapporo and make the most of the unique experiences that the season has to offer.