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Sapporo, a city where rich nature and urban functionality are in harmony

Sapporo, the host city for the Tokyo Olympic Marathon ,race walk and football, is a city with abundant nature in every season, a comfortable urban environment, and a cultured, sophisticated lifestyle. Residents and visitors are enchanted by Sapporo, with this popular city ranked as one of the top 3 most attractive cities in Japan.

Olympic Competitions in Sapporo


  • ●Aug.7(Sat) 7:00~ Women’s Final @ Sapporo Odori Park
  • ●Aug.8(Sun) 7:00~ Men’s Final @ Sapporo Odori Park

The marathon course is a mostly flat, irregular circuit course that starts and finishes at Odori Park in the city center, and includes sightseeing spots throughout Sapporo.
After the start, it makes a large 20km north to south lap around Odori Park,  and then two 10 km laps of the north side of the course including Hokkaido University.
Then, return to Odori Park to finish the race.

【Odori Park】An urban oasis surrounded by 5,000 trees in the city center

Odori Park, the start-finish point of the Marathon, is an urban oasis home to approximately 5,000 trees that stretches 1.5km east to west through the city center. Various events, such as the world-famous Sapporo Snow Festival, are hosted in this park all year round.

【Sapporo Clock Tower】The Clock Tower that continues to mark the history of Sapporo

Just off the course is Sapporo’s most famous tourist spot, the Sapporo Clock Tower. Built in 1878 as a military drill hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College, the predecessor of Hokkaido University, the clock tower has been used for various purposes over the years, but today, as the oldest existing clock tower in Japan, it rings every hour of the day on the hour in Sapporo.

【Susukino】The largest entertainment district in northern Japan

Athletes will run through the center of Susukino, the largest entertainment district in northern Japan, filled with about 3,500 restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities.

【Nakajima Park】Sapporo’s Historical and Cultural Center

After passing through Susukino, you will come across Nakajima Park, surrounded by rich nature with a different look every season. The park has a Japanese garden with a teahouse and a concert hall that is the pride of Sapporo, making it a cultural center in the city. The runners will continue southward along the park.

【Toyohira River】Sapporo’s mother river where salmon come to spawn

The Toyohira River, known as the river where salmon return to every fall, serves as a valuable example of the harmonious combination of rich nature and urban functionality. The riverside path is also a popular running course for local runners.

【Soseigawa-dori Avenue】Highway that runs north-south through the city center

Soseigawa-dori, which runs north to south through the city center, is a 3-kilometer long straight road. In the median strip, there is an 820-meter-long promenade with art works, making it a place of relaxation like an open-air museum.

【Sapporo TV Tower】Sapporo’s Landmark Tower

The Sapporo TV Tower is a 147.2m tall radio tower built in 1956 to mark the start of TV broadcasting in Sapporo. From the observation deck, which is about 90 meters off the ground, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Odori Park, which changes its appearance with each season and event, making it a popular tourist attraction in Sapporo.

【Hokkaido University】National University with a beautiful verdant campus

First opened in 1876 as the Sapporo Agricultural College, Hokkaido University is a national university with a long history. Athletes will run in the shade of trees such as elm and ginkgo while looking at the historic buildings and museums that still exist today on the vast and beautiful campus, providing them with the best competition environment.

【Former Hokkaido Government Office Building】A symbol of Hokkaido popular as a tourist spot

A brick building built in 1888 as the government office of Hokkaido, the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building is a symbol of Hokkaido that has been designated as a national important cultural property. This point, where athletes will run against the backdrop of the red brick, will be one of the main spots for Sapporo scenery in the course.
After this, runners will head to the finish point at Odori Park.

Race Walk

  • ●Aug.5(Thu) 16:30~ Men’s 20km Final @ Sapporo Odori Park
  • ●Aug.6(Fri) 5:30~ Men’s 50km Final @ Sapporo Odori Park
  • ●Aug.6(Fri) 16:30~ Women’s 20km Final @ Sapporo Odori Park

The race walk will go around main street “Ekimae-dori”, the face of Sapporo.
The race will be held in the city center where Sapporo’s charms are concentrated, such as areas lined with commercial facilities and office buildings,  Odori Park filled with greenery, and the lively entertainment district, Susukino.

Marathon and Race Walk Course Introduction


The Sapporo Dome, the venue of football competition in Sapporo, serves as a year-round, all-purpose space for sporting and various events.
The world’s first “special hovering technology” allows natural and artificial turf to be easily interchanged to accommodate a variety of large-scale of events, such as Rugby World Cup 2019TM and the 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games.
It is also home to a pro football team and a pro baseball team.

Sapporo Olympic Winter Games (1972)

We follow the trajectory of the Sapporo Olympic Winter Games.
The Olympic facilities inside Sapporo city retain the atmosphere of the time.

The Sapporo Olympics (The 11th Winter Olympiad) was held from February 3 to 13, 1972. Events were organized in and around Sapporo city, including Makomanai Park, where the opening and closing ceremonies were staged, and the atmosphere of that time remains today all through the seasons.

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