Sapporo and Shakotan Visit Campaign (The campaign duration has been extended until October 31th, 2023!)

Check in with your smartphone to receive a gift!

◆Event Date

Sep.12th (Tue) – Oct.31th (Tue), 2023

*We have extended the duration.

Gift Check Point

Check in with your smartphone at each location to receive a gift!

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Hokkaido Sapporo Tourist Information Center
【Address】JR Sapporo West Concourse, Kita 6-jyo Nishi 4-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo, at the Hokkaido Sapporo Food & Tourism Information Center
【Business Hours】8:30 to 20:00
100 yen discount coupon for Shakotan Blend Coffee
(Available for use at the Hokkaido Sapporo Tourist Information Center and Shakotan Produce Market)
【Pickup Location】Hokkaido Sapporo Tourist Information Center

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Kamui Banya
【Address】Kamui Banya Restaurant, 92 kozakicho Shakotan, Shakotan District, Hokkaido
【Business Hours】11:00 to 17:00
Arrival certificate
Folding fan *limited to the first 20 people
【Pickup Location】Shakotan Gift Shop and Kamui Banya Restaurant

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Shakotan Sightseeing Association
【Address】Funama-380-6 Bikunicho, Shakotan, Shakotan District,
at the Shakotan Tourism Center
【Business Hours】8:00 to 17:00
Arrival certificate
Blue soft serve ice cream *limited to the first 20 people
【Pickup Location】Shakotan Sightseeing Association

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Shokudo Rinkou
【Address】209 Irikachō, Shakotan, Shakotan District, Hokkaido
【Business Hours】7:00 to 18:00
Arrival certificate
Reusable bag *limited to the first 20 people
【Pickup Location】Shokudo Rinko

↓You can see the Check point from this “Google Map”.↓

How to receive a gift?

(1)Scan the QR code at each check point.

(2)Go to pick up location and show your smartphone to the staff.
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(3)Receive a great gift at each location!

Contact us

Shakotan Sightseeing Association 0135-44-3715