For International Visitors Welcome restaurants

We want to offer a warm welcome all international visitors to Sapporo,
and make sure you enjoy the best of the city’s culinary scene!

What is a welcome restaurant?

A restaurant or bar which fulfills the following criteria, to create a welcoming experience for international visitors coming to Sapporo

  • English communication

    You can communicate in English when visiting our store.
    (Including the use of portable translators and apps)

  • English Website

    There is a website that introduces store information in English.

  • English Menu

    there is an english menu available

  • Hokkaido ingredients

    We offer unique dishes made with ingredients from Hokkaido, as well as drinks produced in Hokkaido (beer, sake, wine, soft drinks, etc.)

  • Credit Card Payment

    Supports credit card payments for international brands (VISA/MASTER)

Find a welcome restaurant

Contents may have changed. Please check with each store for the latest information.