What to wear in Sapporo in summer. Recommended outfits for June, July and August

The summer weather in Sapporo is similar to that on Honshu during May and June. In general, the temperature is comfortable without large fluctuations between the highest and lowest temperatures over the course of the day, but the northern climate can still have a chill in the early mornings and evenings. Although you may not need it in the end, it’s best to bring a light coat to be on the safe side. Read on for more clothing recommendations for your summer trip to Sapporo.

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 Recommended outfits for June

Average temperature17.0℃(62.6ºF)
Maximum/minimum temperatureMaximum 21.8℃(71.2ºF) / Minimum 13.4℃(56.1ºF)
Outfit 1Short-sleeved t-shirt, light cardigan or jacket, jeans or slacks
Outfit 2Short-sleeved top, light cardigan or jacket, skirt, pumps

Daytime in June is pleasant with low humidity, making it the perfect time to visit Sapporo for sightseeing. In addition, there isn’t usually a rainy season like that found on Honshu. A long-sleeved top is usually enough for a day of walking around town, but an extra layer such as a summer cardigan can be useful as a backup. Carrying a folding umbrella is also recommended as in recent years there have been some days of continuous rain, known as the “Ezo rainy season”.

Recommended outfits for July

Average temperature21.1℃(70.0ºF)
Maximum/minimum temperatureMaximum 25.4℃(77.7ºF)/ Minimum 17.9℃/(64.2ºF)
Outfit 1Short-sleeved shirt、jeans or slacks, sandals
Outfit 2Short-sleeved dress, summer cardigan or other light jacket if desired, sandals

With an average temperature of around 20°C (68°F), short-sleeved clothing is enough during the day. However, as the temperature drops out of the 20s in the evening, carrying a thin cardigan or long-sleeved top is recommended. In late July, you may want to wear a hat or sunglasses as the sunlight gets stronger.

 Recommended outfits for August

Average temperature23.3℃(72.1ºF)
Maximum/minimum temperatureMaximum 26.4℃(79.5ºF) / Minimum 19.1℃(66.4ºF)
Outfit 1Polo shirt, short length pants, cap, sandals
Outfit 2Short-sleeved top, summer cardigan, skirt, sandals

In August, midsummer outfits are the way to go. Sapporo has seen some humid days in recent years, so cool clothes such as short-sleeved shirts and shorts are recommended. However, the temperature begins to fall after the Obon festival in mid-August, and a jacket or hooded sweater is a good idea for the cooler evenings towards the end of the month.

 So much to enjoy in Sapporo in summer

Sapporo in summer is full of places and things to see, feel and experience. At Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, you can taste delicious Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue) and enjoy a free lavender-harvesting experience in addition to taking in the superb view from the observation deck. In July and August, music events such as Sapporo City Jazz and the Pacific Music Festival are set up in the city and the incredible sight of 22,000 fireworks being launched can be seen at the Makomanai Fireworks Festival, the largest fireworks festival in Hokkaido.