What to wear in Sapporo in spring. Recommended outfits for March, April and May

In March and early April, the temperature rises gradually and the snow starts to melt, but there continue to be some cold days. Considering that the cherry blossom doesn’t arrive in Hokkaido until around the Golden Week holiday in late April and early May, wrapping up against the cold is important even in spring. Below are some recommended outfits for visitors to Sapporo in spring.

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 Recommended outfits for March

Average temperature0.6°C (33.1°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature4.0°C (39.2°F) /-2.9°C (26.8°F)
Outfit 1Warm inner layer, sweater, thick pants, coat, boots, gloves, scarf
Outfit 2Warm inner layer,turtleneck, pants or thick skirt, tights,coat, boots, gloves, scarf

This time of year sees a cycle of snow melting then freezing overnight before fresh snow falls on top. The warm winds of spring are beginning to blow in the Kyushu and Kanto regions, but in Sapporo it still feels very much like winter. The sunshine may be warm during the day, but the temperature drops considerably at night, so inner layers with excellent heat retention, gloves and a scarf are crucial. The roads are also covered with sherbet-like snow due to the cyclic thawing, so winter footwear and waterproof shoes or boots are recommended.

 Recommended outfits for April

Average temperature7.1℃(44.8°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature11.5℃(52.7°F)/3.2℃(37.8°F)
Outfit 1Long-sleeved inner layer, long-sleeved shirt, pants, light coat, leather shoes
Outfit 2Long-sleeved inner layer, light coat or cardigan, pants, pumps

The average temperature goes from about7°C (45°F) to 14°C (57°F) over the course of April. Snow may still fall and remain on the ground in some areas during the early part of the month, so clothing similar to that for winter is recommended. Spring finally arrives as Golden Week approaches, but the temperature still drops at night. For this period, long sleeves and a light coat are best.

 Recommended outfits for May

Average temperature12.4℃(54.32°F)
Maximum/minimum temperature17.3℃(63.14°F)/8.3℃(46.94°F)
Outfit 1Long-sleeved shirt, light knitwear or cardigan, pants, sneakers
Outfit 2Long-sleeved dress, light jacket, pumps or other summer shoes

The cherry blossoms can be seen in full bloom in Sapporo in early May and the city’s iconic lilacs begin to blossom in mid-May as the spring weather continues. However, the temperature still falls below 10°C (50°F) at night, which may be too cool for just a shirt or top. Carrying a jacket, light coat or hooded sweater that can be put on and taken off easily is a convenient option. Summer footwear such as pumps is generally OK, but the weather isn’t quite warm enough for sandals.

 So much to enjoy in Sapporo in spring

As the end of April approaches, it’s the perfect time to head to Sapporo’s parks with their beautifully cultivated flower beds and gardens. Odori Park, Yurigahara Park and Takino Suzuran Hillside Park, which boasts an entire hillside covered with tulips, are all popular spots. Around Golden Week, there are spots where you can enjoy splendid varieties of cherry blossom, including Sargent’s cherry, Yoshino cherry, and double-flowered cherry. Slightly warm clothing is best for heading out to see the cherry blossom and enjoying spring in Sapporo. The YOSAKOI Soran Festival of powerful dance performances is held in June and the dancers in magnificent costumes put on a breathtaking show.