Experience the passion of Professional Baseball and J-League Soccer at the Sapporo Dome

Get caught up in the excitement and passion of Hokkaido’s professional sports.

Sapporo Dome plays host to professional sports games as well as concerts. It’s the home stadium for the professional baseball team Hokkaido Nippon-ham Fighters and the J-League pro-soccer team Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo. Why not check out one of their games? You don’t have to know the rules of the game to enjoy a delicious beer, chow down on some snacks, and get caught up in the excitement and passion of Hokkaido’s professional sports.

Live professional baseball and J-League soccer games at the Sapporo Dome!

Let’s take a quick look at the Fighters and the Consadole sports teams.
The Hokkaido Nippon-ham Fighters are one of Japan’s 12 professional baseball teams. They relocated to Hokkaido from Tokyo in 2004, with the Sapporo Dome becoming their home stadium. The Fighters features young players who make for energetic games, and the team, together with their fans, have created their own cheering style unique to the Sapporo Dome. One thing you won’t see anywhere else is if the pitcher walks someone or falls behind in the count, the fans will applaud to support him instead of booing. Additionally, on days when the Fighters win, fans release white jet balloons from the stands while fireworks are set off from the field to celebrate. The cheering is all warm-hearted, and with many female supporters you’ll feel right at home even if you’re not used to watching games. The regular season starts every year around the end of March and continues until the beginning of October. Primarily there are night games on the weekdays, while the weekends will see day games.

The Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo are one of 53 teams in Japan’s professional soccer league. They’re currently giving it their all in aiming for the top league. With soccer, you don’t have to be familiar with the rules to understand the general flow of the game, and it’s fun to cheer with a very loud voice. If you want to be in the thick of the cheering section we recommend the B-section free seats, but if you’d like to focus on the action then the reserved seats in sections S and SS are for you. The regular season runs from the end of February to the end of November. Games generally start in the afternoon on the weekend, or after 18:00 on weekday evenings.

Fun for the family at the Sapporo Dome!

Upon entering the stands at the Sapporo Domeyou’ll be surprised at just how expansive the green grounds are. Aside from watching games there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had at the stadium. With about 40 food and drink stands you’re sure to find the dish that hits the spot, from regional dishes like Genghis Khan, to fast food, and sweets like soft-serve ice cream. Together with Kids Park, a sprawling indoor space that overlooks the grounds and features huge playground equipment, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy. The server girls make sure that their beeron tap is always fresh! The people of Sapporo love to enjoy delicious food while watching sports games in a wide-open space in the evenings and on the weekends. Vacation time is the perfect opportunity to let off some steam by getting into the cheering spirit—why not join in?

Enjoying the Sapporo Dome on sports off-days

The Sapporo Dome is an indoor facility, so you never have to worry about the day’s weather. Games will be played even if it’s raining or snowing outdoors. When there are no games or events scheduled we recommend taking a stroll around the backyard with the “Dome Tour”. The tour is conducted only in Japanese, but information pamphlets are available in English, traditional Chinese, and Korean, so feel free to join! It’s a rare chance to check out areas that aren’t normally accessible, such as the bullpen, locker room, and the manager’s office. Purchasing this tour together with the Observation Deck Tour is a nice bargain!

Even if you’re not interested in sports, we definitely recommend a visit to the Sapporo Dome. Experience for yourself the feeling of cheering at a live sports event at an indoors venue!