Sports trip to Sapporo! Ice skating date fun even for beginners.

Enjoy ice skating year round with Sapporo’s indoor rinks.

Ice skating is one of the winter sports that Sapporoites have come to love and enjoy along with skiing. If you are trying out ice skating for the first time, we recommend figure skates, which have a thicker blade. With indoor ice skating rinks available in Sapporo, skating can be enjoyed year round. We have some tips for beginners to learn to skate even on their first try. With this knowledge in hand, why not go on an ice skating date in Sapporo?

Ice skating was introduced to Japan by an American professor assigned
to the Sapporo Agriculture College.

Ice skating was first introduced to Japan in 1877. It was believed that it all began when William Brooks, an American who taught at the Sapporo Agriculture College, brought his skates with him to Japan. Since then, Japan began to produce skates locally, and the sport grew popular as a winter pastime. The people of Hokkaido are widely familiar with the sport, as ice skating classes are offered even at elementary and junior high schools in areas that do not get a lot of snow. In Sapporo, ice skating can be enjoyed year round at the indoor rink of Tsukisamu Gymnasium. Additionally, there is an outdoor ice skating rink open at the Maruyama Athletics Stadium in the winter. Lessons are held at these ice rinks, during which spectators can watch students practicing their jumps and spins. Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena which served as a venue for the 11th Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo, often plays host to international events. Whether you are a skater or spectator, don’t miss the charm of ice skating in Sapporo.

Beginner friendly! Tips on how to master ice skating on your first try.

Tips for ice skating beginners on how to skate smoothly on your first attempt. Feel free to give them a try at a rink.


  • Be sure to wear gloves to prevent injuries. Fingerless gloves are not permitted. (Gloves are available for purchase at the shop inside the ice skating rink.)
  • Wear long socks to prevent blisters from your feet rubbing against the skates.
  • he ice skating rink maintains a constant temperature of 7°C. If you go in the summer, we recommend wearing a long-sleeve top, long pants and a jacket.
  • Free helmet rentals available

Fees*For Tsukisamu Gymnasium

  • Admission: 580 yen
  • Skate rental: (sizes: 16 cm to 30 cm) 250 yen for 1 hour, 300 yen for 2 hours, 100 yen for each additional 30 minutes.

Rent your skates

Purchase your tickets from the vending machine inside the lobby, and get your rental skates from the indoor rental window. Make sure to lace your skates all the way to the top and tie them tightly. (If too loose, your feet will end up moving around, making it difficult to skate.)

Keep your knees bent and shift your weight forward

Keeping your knees straight is dangerous and can make you fall backwards. When skating inside a rink, you need to shift your weight forward by keeping your knees bent at all times.

Hold on to the rink wall and start by practicing to walk

First, try to walk around on the ice for half the circumference of the rink while holding on to the wall.

Let go of the wall and try to skate

First, keep your arms down and in front of your feet. Your upper body will look like its bending forward as you skate. This position naturally allows your knees to bend, and keeps your line of vision close to the ice, which can help you conquer the fear of slipping. Once you are used to the motion, next, practice stopping. To move forward, point your toes outward. To stop, point both your feet inward.

Once you get the hang of it, try to gradually move your arms

Once you are used to skating while keeping your arms down, it is time to try to move your arms to the side of your body. Don’t forget to always keep your knees bent. Next, you can try skating with your arms behind your back. Once you have mastered these steps, you are ready to enjoy fun on the ice.

Tsukisamu Gymnasium

AddressTsukisamu Higashi 1-jo 8-chome, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo
*subject to closure during events
Access1-minute walk from Exit 3 of Tsukisamuchuo Station on the Subway Toho Line.