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Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue), soup curry, seafood rice bowl, and more

*Updated December 10, 2019
Sapporo must-try gourmet choices, from local favorites to Hokkaido soul food. You can also use the Sapporo Gourmet Coupon app to enjoy the Sapporo culinary scene at a discount.

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Soup curry, a Sapporo original

“Soup curry” is a spicy soup that features large-cut vegetables and substantial servings of meat such as chicken legs. An increasing number of restaurants let the customer choose the spiciness level, the quantity of rice, and the type of soup broth so enjoying your own special combination is another appeal of this dish. If you are new to soup curry, we recommend the traditional choice of chicken leg and going easy on the spiciness.

Soup curry: Sapporo’s soul food

“Shime parfait,” a Sapporo specialty

After a night of drinking in Sapporo, there is an increasingly popular custom of concluding the evening with a parfait that is becoming known as the “shime (concluding) parfait.” There are a large number of shops that specialize in this kind of dessert, which is made from an extravagant selection of fruits and ice creams. Many of the shops also feature special parfait glasses and ingredient arrangements, which present popular photo opportunities for SNS posts.


  1. The popular “ CAFE×SWEETS×BAR
  2. Fashionable parfaits at “FAbULOUS
  3. Specially selected Hokkaido milk at “Ice Cream Bar HOKKAIDO Milk Mura

Super fresh sushi and seafood rice bowl dishes

Sapporo is a treasure house of sushi and seafood rice bowl selections since it brings together fresh ingredients from all parts of Hokkaido. Here you can experience the sushi known as “Ezo-mae sushi” and fresh seafood rice bowl dishes.

Any visit to the fresh seafood mecca of Sapporo won’t be complete without trying seasonal sushi from Hokkaido

At Nijo Fish Market, located in central Sapporo, you can purchase fresh seafood such as crab. Inside, you can experience the high energy of the market while also enjoying delicious flavors at restaurants such as those specializing in seafood rice bowl dishes.

Nijo Fish Market

Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue), soul food of the people of Hokkaido

Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue) is a gourmet dish that is also enjoyed by many Sapporo residents in their homes. There are many well-known Mongolian barbecue restaurants, but if you are new to this dish, we recommend you choose one of the all-you-can-eat type. There are many variations to try. You select either lamb, which is tender and without a gamey taste, or mutton, which has the traditional flavor of sheep meat, and you can also choose the seasoning and sauce used.

Tidbits on how best to enjoy delicious Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue) in Sapporo

Sapporo is a mecca for ramen lovers

Sapporo is said to be the birthplace of miso ramen. This ramen features medium-thickness wavy noodles and a generous measure of cooking oil in a piping hot miso flavored soup, with bean sprouts and onion usually being added. With its salt and soy sauce varities of ramen also receiving high praise nationwide, Sapporo has become a mecca for ramen lovers.

Everything you need to know about Sapporo’s amazing ramen noodles!

If you are looking to try Sapporo ramen, you should visit Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho in Susukino. This famous ramen district has around 17 restaurants nestled among the buildings.

The Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

【Extra info】Many highly distinctive restaurants

here is a wide range of other highly distinctive restaurants in Sapporo. Discovering gourmet spots that cater to locals is another way to create good travel memories.


  1. Extensive menu and large portions: Risotteria GAKU Tokeidai
  2. Famous Sapporo nightspot: Bar Ikkei

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