Everything you need to know about Sapporo’s amazing ramen noodles!

As one of Japan’s top ramen cities and the birthplace of miso ramen, Sapporo has so many ramen restaurants that you won’t know where to start. We’ll help you find a bowl of ramen you’ll love!

Sapporo is the birthplace of ramen noodles in miso broth, and the city’s ramen is now one of Japan’s top regional dishes. The classic dish features crinkled noodles with a medium thickness in miso broth, with seasonings such as bean sprouts and onion adding the perfect accent to the flavor.

Miso ramen made its debut in 1958, with the miso broth created by Morito Ohmiya, the first owner of Sapporo miso restaurant Aji no Sanpei, and a new style of noodles developed by Takayuki Nishiyama, the founder of Nishiyama Seimen. The noodles are aged in large quantities of water, making them smooth and easy to eat.In addition to the classic miso ramen, Sapporo ramen has evolved to include various broths from soy sauce and salt to crab. These newer styles are more than able to hold their own, with popular salt and soy sauce ramen restaurants popping up around Japan in recent years. We recommend trying all of them and seeing which one you like best!

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The secret behind Sapporo ramen’s amazing taste

Mention Hokkaido to a Japanese person and one of the first things they’ll think of is its delicious ramen. Sapporo is one of Hokkaido’s top three ramen spots the others being Asahikawa and Hakodate and its ramen has been a firm favorite dish among locals for generations. The phenomenon is said to have begun with a stall at Nijo Market after World War II, before spreading to the entertainment district of Susukino and various spots around the city. It is now a smash hit among locals and tourists alike. So what makes Sapporo ramen so popular? The answer is the noodles! The crinkly noodles with a medium thickness were developed especially for miso ramen, with their thickness, elasticity and wavy shape designed to hold the broth well. That perfect match between the noodles and the broth is what makes Sapporo ramen so irresistible. The first stop on your ramen journey in Sapporo must be Sapporo Ramen Yokocho. With 17 famous miso ramen restaurants, this alley is always hopping with locals and tourists. Make sure to check out the details—sometimes there are events with special deals like half-price ramen.

The Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

Where to find the best miso ramen

We know the miso ramen restaurants that started it all and the places that draw a crowd. Visit each of these must-try restaurants and you’ll notice that each restaurant’s carefully perfected broth is unique. Here are our top picks!

Check out the most famous places for yourself!

In addition to the classic miso ramen, Sapporo has a plethora of restaurants serving other styles such as soy sauce or salt ramen. Some have garnered media attention for their carefully perfected dishes—here are some you can’t miss!

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