Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: Visiting a Shrine

Pay a visit to a shrine in a respectful manner

Follow the steps below when visiting a shrine.

Cleanse your Hands and Mouth at Temizuya
It is customary to first purify your body and mind with water at the temizuya (water ablution pavilion) when visiting a shrine.

Scoop up water in a hishaku (water ladle) with your right hand and pour water over your left hand.

Transfer the hishaku from your right hand to the left and pour water over your right hand.

Transfer the hishaku in your right hand again, then cup up your left hand and place some water in it.

Rinse your mouth with the water in your cupped hand and spit the water beside the temizuya. You are not supposed to transfer the water directly from the hishaku into your mouth or swallow the water.

Clean your left hand in the same manner and make sure to lift the hishaku so that water streams down the handle before putting it back onto the temizuya.
*You only scoop up water one time, at the very first step of the process.

Offering a Prayer
When offering a prayer at a shrine follow the basic guideline of “two bows, two claps and one bow.” Note, however, that the way of offering a prayer may differ at some shrines. First, drop a coin offering into the offertory box, and then ring the bell with the rope before beginning your prayer. During the winter, be sure to bring a disposable hand warmer with you or dress warmly since the shrine premises will be chilly.

Walk straight toward the enshrined deity with good posture.

Straighten you back, then bow twice at a 90 degree angle.

Align both hands in front of your chest and clap your hands together twice.

Realign your hands without spreading your fingers, and finally bow once more.

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