Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: Sand scattered over Sapporo roads—just one piece of snow country wisdom for walking safely on winter streets

The grit bin: snow country wisdom for walking safely on Sapporo’s winter streets

If you visit Sapporo in the winter, you will notice that sand is scattered over the surface of slippery icy roads. This sand is an anti-slip agent that is used on winter streets so that pedestrians can walk safely. Grit bins installed near intersections that contain bags and plastic bottles filled with this sand and are available for use at all times. Since anyone is free to scatter this sand, Sapporo locals often take the initiative for the benefit of those who walk after them, and spread it in a zig-zag pattern over roads they feel are too slippery. This is just one example of snow country altruism. The grit bins are equipped with a storage space where emptied bags and plastic bottles can be returned. This is not a trash bin, so take care not to leave regular garbage in the grit bin.

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