Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: If you enter a restaurant with a ticket-vending machine… (How to order with a meal ticket)

Advice to help you enjoy dining in Sapporo with ease—How to order with a meal ticket

At restaurants with a ticket vending machine located near the entrance, you will have to purchase a meal ticket before taking a seat in the restaurant. These ticket vending machines are especially common at places such as ramen shops, as well as at restaurants located in service areas along highways. After inserting the proper amount of money into the machine and pressing the button for your order, a meal ticket will be dispensed in the lower compartment of the machine. Once you have received your ticket, seat yourself in the restaurant and hand your meal ticket to a staff member to complete your order. At self-service restaurants such as those found at ski areas, place your ticket and a food tray on the counter in front of the kitchen, and the kitchen staff will serve your meal. Most often, the menu items are written on the vending machine buttons in Japanese only, so you may have to reference photos of the menu items. If there are no pictures, feel free to ask the staff for assistance.

In Sapporo, the “City of Food”, enjoy cuisine made using fresh Hokkaido ingredients.