Kan Yasuda

A journey through the artistic works of Kan Yasuda, the sculptor born in Hokkaido

Kan Yasuda is a sculptor who was born and raised in Bibai city, Hokkaido, and he is currently continuing his creative activities in Northern Italy. His internationally acclaimed works are characterized by organic curves using marble or bronze, which can be placed in any environment and be in harmony with the space. Inside JR Sapporo Station, the white marble sculpture “Myomu” in the center of the western concourse, is also famous among Sapporo residents as a meeting place. In Sousei River Park, which divides the city into east and west, there are three works, such as “Tenpi”, placed in such a way as to form a pair on the right and left banks. In addition, you can see numerous works at locations around the city, such as at the Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence, and there are so many that you could fill up your whole sightseeing tour of Sapporo just by going around looking at Kan Yasuda’s works. Above all, a must see for art fans is the outdoor sculpture park “Arte Piazza Bibai” in Kan Yasuda’s hometown of Bibai city, which continues to evolve. Traveling by JR train or by car, you can get to Bibai city in just under an hour, so we recommend venturing just a little further afield to experience the art of sculptor Kan Yasuda.

Interview with sculptor Kan Yasuda. Works of art at Sapporo Station loved by many people, the impressive outdoor park “Arte Piazza Bibai”|Interview
Legacy of Isamu Noguchi and Kan Yasuda’s Encounter in Italy Continues in Hokkaido as Parks | Feature

JR Sapporo Station. This white marble sculpture place in the center of the western concourse inside JR Sapporo Station is familiar to the locals as a meeting place.

Sousei River Park.
A work which represents a newborn shoot. It is imbued with the meaning of Sapporo having been born from this location.

Sousei River Park. A work that represents a cane to support human life. It is installed in the center of a pathway in the park.

Sousei River Park. It is a pair of works placed on the right and left banks with the Soseikawa river running in between. The form, with its gentle curves, makes people feel at ease.

Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence.Nestled in the front garden, this work, coupled with the green of the grass, exudes a quiet yet dignified air. It apparently weighs around 14 tons.

Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara.Set up in front of the entrance to the great hall, the hallway and outside the main entrance, the three pieces resonate with each other, creating a single work.

Sapporo Art Park Art Museum.Two pairs of works arranged in the forests of the site. It creates a space in which the space (gen) between the real and the imaginary is shaken.