Sapporo Art Park

Located in a 40-hectare forest, Sapporo Art Park is a place of art and creativity that invigorates all five senses.

Sapporo Art Park is an art complex featuring a museum, art studio, outdoor stage, and music practice rooms. The Sapporo Art Park Museum holds various exhibitions and the Outdoor Museum allows visitors to enjoy art as they experience the various seasons. There are also various craft studios, such as those for woodworking and glassmaking, in the forest where visitors can experience craft making in various forms of media. There are also places to practice theatrical acting and music, as well as facilities for overnight stays. Sapporo Art Park is not just a place to observe art, but also a place to create art. Park’s buffet-style restaurant “Gochisou Kitchen Hatake-no-haru” and café reopened in the spring of 2013. It’s a great place to stimulate one’s creativity and curiosity.

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Sapporo Art Park

Geijyutsu-no-Mori 2-chome 75, Minami-ku, Sapporo
9:45 - 17:00

*Open everyday April 28 - November 4

*Opening hours vary by season
April 29 – Beginning of November 3: No closing days
November 4 – April 28: Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, open on Monday, closed on Tuesday)
Year-end through New Year holidays
Admission fees vary by exhibition
Available; ¥500