Embracing winter in Sapporo with dishes that warm the body and soul

From exquisite seasonal flavors to classic winter warmers

*Updated October 30, 2019
Sapporo in winter is a land of white and snow. It can be a harsh season, with temperatures well below zero. However, this is when the produce of Hokkaido, with nutrients and flavor preserved from the summer months, comes into its own. The cold weather is also the perfect excuse to warm up with wonderful cuisine. Read on to find out more about the best winter dishes in Sapporo.

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Tender crab, the king of winter cuisine

Winter is known as the peak season for crab on Hokkaido’s coast with the Sea of Japan. Freshly-caught crab is sent directly to Sapporo for distribution to markets and restaurants. Crabs caught in winter are full of meat with a refined, slightly sweet flavor and can be eaten boiled or as a hotpot dish. No winter trip to Sapporo is complete without the taste of crab!

Exquisite game meat that can only be hunted in winter”

Ezo deer is found all over Hokkaido and is the island’s most iconic game meat. The hunting season is from October to January, with slight variations in different parts of the island, and the meat is available in Sapporo city. It has abundant flavor, whilst also being a healthy option that is low in fat and high in protein.

Warming up with delicious ramen
Sapporo’s fiercely competitive ramen scene

Sapporo ramen is a hit with visitors all year round, but is particularly delicious in winter and every bowl warms the heart and the soul. Miso is considered the classic Sapporo ramen, but in recent years an increasing number of stores have started offering distinctive salt and soy sauce broths that are well worth braving the cold for.

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