Get out of Sapporo to drive around nearby wheat-growing towns

Three wheat-inspired drives from Sapporo

Hokkaido is a major producer of wheat. If you go on a drive away from Sapporo, you will be treated to the beautiful sight of wheat fields in vibrant colors of green or dazzling gold. The sight of fields steeped in the colors of spring wheat (planted in the spring), and autumn wheat (wheat planted in autumn that spends the winter under the snow until spring) are one of those unique scenes only found in Hokkaido. Visitors are encouraged to get out of Sapporo and go for a wheat-inspired drive to enjoy great scenery and a delicious meal.

A restaurant in the wheat-growing town of Tobetsu

Tobetsu is a major wheat-producing town located about 40 minutes by car from downtown Sapporo. Even though it neighbors Sapporo and the city’s countless buildings and homes, Tobetsu town is filled with the Hokkaido-like sight of wheat fields, where ears of wheat sway in the gentle wind from early summer to autumn.
Next, head to the Fureai-Soko located in front of Tobetsu Station, where you will find udon, somen, ramen, and other products made from locally grown wheat that make perfect gifts. From there, drive to ” Restaurant Ari ” located in the Sweden Hills residential area, where you will find a community of homes with Northern European designs. After enjoying their famous handmade pasta dishes made from local Tobetsu wheat, or a salad filled with seasonal vegetables, drive to nearby Leksand Memorial Park where you can take in Tobetsu’s beautiful rural scenery.

An udon restaurant in the wheat-growing town of Naganuma

The next option is Naganuma, a town that is known as a major producer of wheat and vegetables, and is about one hour by car from Sapporo. During the summer months the town’s roadsides feature a number of produce stands selling fresh local vegetables. ” Hokuhokuan Handmade Udon ” located quietly in the middle of a field, serves up udon noodles made fresh every morning from Hokkaido-grown wheat.Here, you can enjoy chewy Sanuki udon as a tranquil pastoral scene unfolds in front of your eyes. Once you’re full, head into town to a farm restaurant called Harvest, where you can savor apple pie for dessert. This particular apple pie is made from Hokkaido-grown wheat and apples picked in the farm’s orchard, and is only available from autumn to winter. Before heading back to Sapporo, stop at the Maoi Bungakudai Hill to be treated with a panoramic view of Naganuma.

A restaurant in the wheat-growing town of Biei

Biei is known as the Town of Hills (Okanomachi) because of its picturesque rural setting of rolling hills. Biei is home to expansive fields of wheat and vegetables that form a unique patchwork landscape. Restaurant ” bi.ble “serves up local ingredients with a view of these hills. It also has an inn and bakery. Head to the Biei Senka marketplace to buy local vegetables and bread or rusks made from Biei-grown wheat, then pick up beer brewed from Biei wheat at Roadside Station Okanokura, and conclude your trip by heading to Shinei Hill for a gorgeous Biei sunset before heading back to Sapporo.

Foods made from wheat are served around the world. Perhaps one of your favorite foods is made from wheat. There is no greater feeling than enjoying foods made from Hokkaido-grown wheat while in the midst of Hokkaido’s unique climate and landscape. Although it depends on the weather, Hokkaido’s wheat fields generally turn a gold color from the beginning of July to early August. Green wheat fields are also quite picturesque. Feel free to visit Hokkaido to see both.