Special Feature: Locals’ Guide to the Best Conveyer-Belt Sushi in Sapporo

*Updated March 31, 2023

Hokkaido’s conveyor-belt sushi are top grade!

Hokkaido’s conveyor-belt sushi are said to be of a higher level than that of the rest of Japan. The reason for this lies in the abundant supply of fresh seafood.

The Secret of Delicious Conveyor-belt Sushi

One of the secrets of Hokkaido’s delicious conveyor-belt sushi is the easy access to fresh seafood. Also, because of the cold climate, the fish are fatty and rich in flavor. At many conveyor-belt sushi restaurants in Sapporo, sushi is prepared and served by chefs right in front of customers, providing Hokkaido’s high-quality ingredients at their best.

The taste of Hokkaido

An indulgent dish of
double layered scallops
Fatty and delicious
Kamchatka flounder
Spicy cod roe
hand rolled sushi
Rich in flavor
Hanasaki-Crab Soup

Seasonal Ingredients


Sakhalin Surf Clam
with a crunchy texture
Japanese Sardine
served with plenty of young ginger


Plump and chewy
peeled Botan Shrimp
Sweet and juicy
Spear Squid


Only the freshest Pacific Saury are eaten raw
Thick and crunchy
Ezo Maitake mushroom sushi


Delightfully thick and creamy Soft Cod Roe
Fish soup warms you up in the cold winter

Manners at Conveyer-Belt Sushi restaurants

In the case of Conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, Nemuro Hanamaru

When you arrive at the restaurant, first enter the number of people and other information on the automatic reception machine. Take the ticket issued from the machine and wait to be guided to your table. Once at the table, you can either place your order on the order sheet at your seat or take a plate from the lane and start eating.

The bill is calculated at the table. When you have finished eating, ask for the bill. The waiter will give you a slip with the number of plates and you pay at the cashier’s counter.

  1. If using chopsticks, hold the rice part of the sushi without touching the fish. If eating with your hands, clean your hands and gently hold the fish and rice with your fingers!
  2. Soy sauce should only be applied lightly to the fish, not to the rice.
  3. As for wasabi, put as much as you like on top of the rice or add some to the soy sauce.
  4. Chawan-mushi (Savory egg custard) or miso soup can be a good change of flavor eaten in between sushi dishes.
  5. Gari (ginger) is eaten as a palate cleanser to reset the taste of the fish. Do not eat it together with sushi.
  6. Even if you are eating with others, avoid sharing each other’s food.

Introduction of each restaurant and links

Conveyor-belt sushi chain restaurants in Sapporo

Nemuro Hanamaru, a popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Sapporo, offers fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Sushi chefs’ skills can be enjoyed right in front of the customers. Table seating is ideal for families and friends to relax together. In addition, the extensive menu featuring seasonal ingredients is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.


Sapporo’s very popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, Triton, offers fresh seafood at reasonable prices. The sushi is made with the finest ingredients and is both tasty and generous in volume, earning the restaurant a good reputation. The restaurant’s clean and pleasant atmosphere is perfect for families, friends, and couples.


Matsuriya is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant with eight locations in Hokkaido. In Sapporo area, the company operates three stores: Kikusui Motomachi Store, Shinkotoni Store, and Yamahana Store. With a commitment to local production for local consumption, Matsuriya uses ingredients from trusted production areas, such as seafood from Kushiro and East Hokkaido and vegetables from Tokachi. Each restaurant takes great care in the preparation and cooking of their dishes.


Nagoyakatei was established in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, and has since expanded to Sapporo, Obihiro, and also opened stores in the Kansai area. Every morning, the chefs visit the market to purchase fresh seafood from all over Japan, mainly from East Hokkaido, and send it directly to each restaurant. The restaurant boasts of the high quality and freshness of each dish on its extensive menu of more than 140 varieties.