Frozen Museum

A majestic ice world that artistically recreates the scurry of small animals.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, located just 5 minutes away on foot from the main Sapporo Station, is hosting “The Frozen Museum” ice event. The special attraction features ice sculptures of the “snow fairy” zebra moth and other cute animals, as well as pictures by popular photographers frozen in time, all immersed in a soothing light. Come and enjoy the wonderful show of both ice and photography!

This is third year of the attraction, which began from a desire to carry on the history, culture, and traditions unique to Sapporo’s winter and amidst the cancellation of many snowy events. Let the beautiful ice sculptures and lively expressions of the cute animals captured by photographers warm your heart.

Artisan Ice Sculptures

The head decorator of Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo was in charge of everything, from initial design to final production. To express the momentary brilliance of the animals in Hokkaido created by the photographs and ice sculptures, careful preparations were considered for conception, design, and composition.

The ice sculptures are brought to life with internationally acclaimed and award-winning techniques. The delicate work and intricate details truly showcase the craftsmanship. Also, in consideration of SDGs, the ice is environmentally friendly and made from natural underground water in Sapporo.

A fantastic space of Hokkaido photographs and ice sculptures

Included in the ice photo frames are pictures of long-tailed tits taken by Natsumi Handa, one of Hokkaido’s leading animal photographers, and Yanagisawa Go, a renowned Sapporo photographer. You will be able to appreciate the cute and playful lives of the animals.

At night, the ice sculptures are lit up to create a fantastic atmosphere. This is a great place to experience the world of ice and magic of winter.

Frozen Museum

Event DateStarting from mid-February 2023 (subject to change depending on the weather)
VenueIn front of the entrance at Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo (2-1, Kita 5-jo Nishi 7-chome, Chuo-ku)
ParkingCharged parking is available
Contact 011-271-0111