How to spend your anniversary in Sapporo, one of the “Japan’s new top 3 cities for night views.”

Why not spend your anniversary in Sapporo, one of the “Japan’s new top 3 cities for night views”?

At the “Night View Summit 2015 in Kobe,” held in October 2015, about 4,500 nightscape appraisers from across Japan selected Sapporo as one of the “Japan’s new top 3 cities for night views.” The main appeal of Sapporo’s nightscape is the view of lights scattered about like jewels, glowing across the expansive plain. Starting from Mt. Moiwa or any of the nightscape-viewing spots the city has to offer, the view of a blanket of lights spreading out below your eyes is sure to have your heart pounding. The glittering lights of the Susukino business district and the winter illumination of Odori Park beautiful elements of the nightscape that can only be enjoyed in Sapporo.

This feature proposes ways to celebrate an anniversary while enjoying the view of Sapporo’s nightscape. Sapporo is a great destination for remembering special days among married couples and families, but it can also serve as a place to create new memories and future anniversaries, such as a confession of love or a marriage proposal. Check out the following ways to enjoy the special nightscape and surprise that special someone on your trip.

Night Scape of Sapporo (1.4MB)

How to enjoy Sapporo’s nightscape during an anniversary

njoy one of the “Japan’s new top 3 cities for night views” from the air on-board a Cessna or a helicopter!

Sky cruises are held by Hokkaido Aviation Co. Ltd, departing and landing at Sapporo Okadama Airport. Special nighttime flights are only available during Christmas and the Sapporo Snow Festival season. Enjoy the overhead view of Susukino’s jewel-like neon city lights surrounded by pure white snowflakes, the illumination in Odori Park, and the large lit-up snow sculptures in the Sapporo Snow Festival from a Cessna (about 16 minutes) or a helicopter (about 10 minutes). Make a reservation in secret and give that special someone a surprise of a lifetime.

Hokkaido Aviation Co. Ltd

ent out the Sapporo TV Tower to enjoy the nightscape in private!

The Sapporo TV Tower, which overlooks the nightscape of the Odori area, has a special once-a-day plan to rent out the observation deck after the conclusion of business hours. You’ll have the 90 meter elevation observation deck all to yourself for 30 minutes, making it perfect for romantic confessions or marriage proposals. With the bottle of wine (half-size) present, special TV tower light-up, and a display of your own message on the first floor, there are a number of services that will give you a good time and the courage you need to make your move. We recommend making your reservation early once you’ve picked your day.