All can be done on a bicycle. The best of Sapporo’s nature and Hokkaido’s cuisine.

Why not take a trip by bicycle during your stay in Sapporo? The period from mid-April when the snow starts to melt to October with its beautiful red leaves is excellent for experiencing Hokkaido’s northern landscape with your body, both within Sapporo and around its outskirts. Sapporo does not have rainy seasons and the average temperature in mid-summer is about 22°C. On the outskirts, even the countryside roads where you can command a view of the rural scenery are well paved, perfect for touring in nature. The number of overseas visitors in search of this ideal environment is increasing every year. Here we introduce ways to thoroughly enjoy Sapporo on a bicycle, whether touring in nature or cycling in the city.

Travelling around famous tourist spots in Sapporo on a community bicycle

Travelling around famous tourist spots in Sapporo on a share bicycle.

If you use Porocle, a community bicycle rental service in Sapporo, you may travel around tourist spots in the center of Sapporo for around two hours. If you start from Sapporo TV Tower, you will find the Clock Tower and Red Brick Office in the North, the Nijo fish market and Nakajima Park in the south, Sapporo Factory and Chitosetsuru Sake Museum in the east, and Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine in the west.


Soft serve and ice cream during the day time and parfait at night.


Touring around art, rural scenery, and the ancient landscape of Hokkaido

Cycling around Moerenuma Park and experience the sculpture of Isamu Noguchi with your body.

For those of you who want to step out a little bit from central Sapporo, we recommend a cycling tour to Moerenuma Park. It’s a flat route with little variation in altitude and takes about one hour to complete. You may park your bicycle at the park and fully take in the grand scale of Moerenuma Park, itself said to be a single work of sculpture. If you are not so comfortable with city bicycles, you also have the option of renting a road bicycle at Cycling Frontier, which offers tours by bicycle.


A take-out only shop within “HIDAMARI” at the glass pyramid in Moerenuma Park. The rich soft serve in waffle cones is wildly popular.

Snow Brand Parlor Sapporo Satoland store

Around ten minutes from Moerenuma Park and inside the Satoland Center. Offers limited sales of Satohoro strawberry soft serve.

Satsukura Milk no Sato

Soft serve using high-quality fresh milk produced by dairy farmers. At the Milk Building, you may also participate in tours around the milk and butter factories.

Take on the Ishikari Bay Route to further experience the ancient landscape of Sapporo.

This route takes around two hours one-way. Once outside the Moerenuma Park, you will find the rural landscape stretch right in front of you. After you cross the Ishikari River, it will be a straight road of around seven kilometers before you reach Shinshinotsu. A typical Hokkaido landscape with the horizon visible in the distance will elevate your spirit. Unwind at the Shinshinotsu Hot Spring to recover from the fatigue of your touring trip, and before the return trip, have some handmade pasta at the Restaurant Ari made from wheat produced in Hokkaido. Enjoy a touring trip packed with Hokkaido’s landscape, art, hot springs, and delicacies!

Shinshinotsu Hot Spring, Tappunoyu

A kakenagashi-type natural hot spring where you can command of view of the Ishikari Prairie. There is also a roadside stand where you may directly purchase Shinshinotsu’s local produce.

Restaurant Ari

A restaurant offering handmade pasta using local vegetables of the season and Mediterranean cuisine. Within Sweden Hills about one hour’s distance west of Shinshinotsu Hot Spring.

Heal your body and mind with breathtaking views and hot springs. Touring trip around mid-level mountains.

Traveling around Makomanai Park and Ishiyama Green Space. A riverside route with breathtaking views of rivers and greenery.

The route heading south is rich in altitudinal variations and is intended for advanced cyclists. When you head south from Sapporo TV Tower on the national road along the Sosei River, the road eventually merges into the wide Toyohira cycling road that extends from the right-hand side bank of Toyohira River all the way to Makomanai Park. About 30 minutes down south, you will reach Makomanai Park covered in lush green and the beautiful Ishiyama Green Space where the remaining of a quarry for Sapporo soft stones is located. This route will definitely elevate your spirit during the spring since you will be able to see distant mountains covered in snow.。

Gelato Sapporo Karinju

Additive-free gelato. Around ten minutes along the road south of Ishiyama Green Space.

Venture further south and take on the route with variations in altitude intended for advanced cyclists.

This is a touring trip toward Mount Hakkenzan where you ride along the Toyohira River from the Ishiyama Green Space while appreciating the view of the orchards. After learning about the history of the Ainu people at the Ainu Culture Promotion Center, you are now ready for the highlight of this route, going from Toyama Dam, and then through Jozankei Hot Springs to Jozankei Dam. The view of red leaves during the autumn is simply stunning.

Jozankei Hot Springs

A popular hot spring location in Hokkaido with around 2.4 million annual visitors. The sodium chloride contained in the hot springs will make you warm up from inside.


How to rent a bicycle in Sapporo

For moving around the city, use Porocle’s rental service. For authentic cycling please consult with the tour organizations.

Share cycle “Porocle”

Porocle is a bicycle sharing service available in downtown Sapporo. Rent a bicycle from any of about 40 designated ports(exclusive parking for porocle), and return it to any designeted port you like. The One-day Pass, convenient for sightseeing, is available to purchase at the Hokkaido-Sapporo Tourist Information Center or affiliated hotels.Don’t forget your mobile phone ( call-capable mobile phone required )

Hokkaido-Sapporo Tourist Information Center
Telephone: 011-213-5088

City bicycles

Eki-chari is convenient for renting bicycles in Sapporo and you can apply at the cycling ports near Sapporo Station. This service is also available to tourists. For application, please bring your ID card or passport and fill in the form (bilingual in Japanese and English) at the counter.

Eki-chari Cycling Port
Kita 5-jo Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo (inside the bicycle parking area)
6:00 to 24:00
Telephone: 050-3652-9053

Road and mountain bicycles

Within the city of Sapporo, there are several bicycle tours offered by cycling organizations. You may also rent road bikes and mountain bikes when applying for this service, so tourists can also easily participate. For those who want to try out authentic bicycle touring, please contact Cycling Frontier which also offers rental service alone.

Cycling Frontier
3F Hoshien, Citizen Activity Plaza, Minami 8-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Telephone: 0120-963-776