Odori Park

Many locals gather at Odori Park to eat lunch and take walks. Experience the seasons through flower beds, trees, and events carried out at the park.

Odori Park is an oasis with 92 types of trees including lilacs and elm stands located in the middle of a business district. On its lawns and around its fountains, one can find locals and tourists alike relaxing. Odori Park is called a park, but it’s really a street. In 1871, a firebreak, which cuts central Sapporo into is northern and southern parts, was built. The firebreak became Shiribeshi Dori, which was renamed Odori. Odori Park, which is usually a very calm and relaxed space, is also used for many of Hokkaido’s best-known seasonal events, such as the Snow Festival in the winter, Lilac Festival in the spring, YOSAKOI Soran Festival and beer garden in the summer, and Autumn Festival, which brings together various Hokkaido cuisines, in the fall.

In the heart of Sapporo, the iconic Odori Park stretches east to west for 12 blocks (approximately 1.5km) from 1-Chome to 12-Chome and takes about 30 minutes to walk its entire length.

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Event Calendar
FEBRUARYSapporo Snow Festival
MAYSapporo Lilac Festival
JUNESapporo Lilac Festival
YOSAKOI Soran Festival
JULYFukushi-kyosan Sapporo Odori Beer Garden
Sapporo City Jazz
Sapporo Summer Festival
AUGUSTFukushi-kyosan Sapporo Odori Beer Garden
Sapporo City Jazz
Sapporo Summer Festival
SEPTEMBERSapporo Autumn Fest 2019
NOVEMBERGerman Christmas Market in Sapporo
DECEMBERGerman Christmas Market in Sapporo

Odori Park

Odori Nishi 1-chome ~ Odori Nishi 12-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
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