We recommend walking around town with a guide who is knowledgeable about the sightseeing attractions to maximize your enjoyment in Sapporo

We recommend taking a guided tour to maximize your enjoyment of Sapporo’s sightseeing attractions.

We recommend taking a guided tour to maximize your enjoyment of Sapporo’s sightseeing attractions. By walking with a guide who is knowledgeable about Sapporo you won’t miss any of the interesting spots, and you’ll get the inside scoop about the city’s history that you won’t find in any guide book. For the sights centered in the city there’s the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing Volunteer Guided Tour; if you’d like to extend out to the outskirts there’s the Yumedaichi Hokkaido Guide Taxis, and if you’d like a closer look at Japanese traditions through visiting temples there’s the Kamokamogawa Nostalgia Guided Tour. Which course is best for you?

Get to know Sapporo with the Sapporo Basic Course, from the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing Volunteers

We recommend the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing Volunteer “Sapporo Basic Course” for first-timers to Sapporo, as it makes the rounds at the city center’s famous sightseeing spots. Guides are very knowledgeable about everything from Sapporo’s rich history to trivia about present-day Sapporo—you’re sure to be treated to a lot of info as you enjoy walking with your guide. You’ll feel right at home in Sapporo in no time!

Sapporo Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing Volunteers
Mr. Sato
Duration:2 hours *Note: Additional time may be allocated depending on the customers’ schedule
Cost:¥2,500 travel expenses for 1 guide (For travel agencies, ¥5,000 for 1 guide) Please click here for more information.
Supported Language:Japanese

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Office)

Detailed explanations of the passion that went into establishing the Meiji Government can be found throughout this building, a nationally-designated important cultural property. Check them out along with the exhibits that showcase how Sapporo was founded.

8-minute walk

Sapporo Clock Tower

This clock tower, built in 1878, was originally the martial arts dojo for the Sapporo Agricultural College, which is now known asHokkaido University. The guide will explain the history of the clock tower while touching upon the situation of Japan at the time. At the end of the guide’s talk they will show you the best spot for hearing the clock chime within the building—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the where that location is.

3-minute walk

Odori Park

Whether you’re looking for history, nature, or culture, Odori Park has it all. The guide will show you the best spots for taking pictures!

3-minute walk

Sapporo TV Tower

The goal for the Get to Know Sapporo Tour is an observation deck approximately 90 meters above the ground. We recommend making a morning reservation for the Sapporo Basic Course, as the morning hours give you the best view of the mountain range.


Visit the temples of Susukino on the Kamokamogawa Nostalgia Guided Tour for a fulfilling traditional Japanese experience!

The Kamokamogawa Nostalgia Guided Tour is held every Tuesday and Saturday from May through October. This time let’s take a look at the course that visits the temples in Susukino (held every Saturday). Together with their official walking guidebook (in English/Japanese) you can see a side of Susukino different from its reputation as an entertainment district.

Sapporo Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing Volunteers
Mr. Imai
Duration:Approx. 1 hour 30 mins *Note: the duration time is only an estimate
Cost:¥500 per person (same price for adults/children). Please click here for more information.
Supported languages:Japanese

Area connected to Aizu Domain Byakkotai soldier Iinuma Sadakichi

Iinuma Sadakichi, a samurai who settled down in this area after surviving the war with the Meiji government, played a major role in advancing Hokkaido’s communication network. As you walk here along the Kamokamo River be sure to check out the colorful carp swimming in the river.

3-minute walk

Hokuensan Shinzenkou-ji Temple

This is the only temple in Sapporo with a bone Buddha and wooden statue from the Heian Period. From the dry landscape garden that recreates a mountain and water landscape without using water, to the omen of a stone of good fortune, which naturally developed a white discoloration in the shape of the goddess of mercy, there’s plenty to check out here!

5-minute walk

Naritasan Sapporo Betsuin Shinei-ji Temple

The image of Dainichi Nyorai, the thousand bodies of Kannon and Fudo Myo-o have been enshrined in the underground floor of the main hall. This temple has since long ago been held dear to Japanese people as a part of the temple pilgrimage. Experience a scaled-down version of the Japan Heritage “Shikoku Pilgrimage”!

2-minute walk

Toyokawa Inari Sapporo Branch

Temple of Inari, the god of harvests, who is said to bring prosperity in business. This is also the birthplace of the famous Hokkaido painter Kotaro Migishi.

8-minute walk

Higashi Hongan-ji Temple Sapporo Betsuin

This temple was established in Sapporo at nearly the same time as the Meiji Government’s Hokkaido Development Commission. After listening to the monk’s talk on the history of the temple intertwined with the development of Sapporo, you can take your time relaxing within the temple grounds.