50 things you should know to enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival even more ~How to Enjoy the Festival~

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History of the Snow Festival
Snow and Ice Sculptures

31.How is the weather during the Snow Festival?

February is the coldest time of the year! The average temperature is -3.4°C, and it snows often. Make sure to dress warm when you visit!
Ten pieces of advice on winter trip to Sapporo, clothing and footwear
Walk Smart

32.What are other ways to enjoy the Snow Festival, aside from viewing the snow and ice sculptures?

Each day stage performances and projection mapping are conducted at each site.

33.How large is the Odori Park?

The park is approximately 1.5km long, with an area of 7.8 hectares, extending from Odori Nishi 1 chome to Odori Nishi 12 chome.

34.Is there anything else to see aside from the snow and ice sculptures at the Odori Park site?

Check out the ski jump, the skating rink and many other activities.
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35.How long does it take to walk around each site, on average?

From 60 to 90 minutes.

36.Is there a place for the family to play in the snow?

The Tsudome site has playground equipment including a snow slide and snow rafts.
Tsudome Site

37.What is a recommended spot?

Take in the great view of lit-up snow and ice sculptures from the top of the Sapporo TV tower.
Sapporo TV Tower

38.What is the official character?

A cute snowman character. He doesn’t have a name yet.

39.Are there any Sapporo Snow Festival official souvenir goods?

Official souvenir goods that are designed and sold exclusively for each year are sold. There was a line of 30 types of goods sold at the 71th festival. There are also Sapporo Snow Festival and SNOW MIKU collaboration items which can be obtained in Sapporo City.
Goods Information

40.Are there good places to eat?

All kinds of gourmet dishes representing the winter flavors of Hokkaido are available at the “Hokkaido Food Plaza” at 6 chome of the Odori site

41.How can you tell what is going on at the different sites?

The Sapporo TV Tower streams live camera footage of the sites.
Sapporo TV Tower Live Camera

42.Is there information about past Snow Festivals?

The Snow Festival Museum, located at the Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, displays photos and models of snow and ice sculptures made in the past, as well as the official souvenir items. At Camp Makomanai of the Ground Self-Defense Force, there is also a historical exhibit open to the public during the Snow Festival. The exhibit has displays on the Sapporo Snow Festival and it highlights the support provided by the JGSDF for the Sapporo Olympics.
Sapporo Hitsujike hill observatory official WEB site

43.What is the best way to get to the Odori Park and other sites from other areas of Japan outside of Hokkaido?

Fly to New Chitose Airport, and take the train to JR Sapporo Station. This train ride is approximately 36 minutes , and trains run more frequently (every 15 min.) from 8:00 to 19:00.
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44.What is the most efficient way to see all the sites?

Using public transportation and the shuttle bus is recommended.
Odori Park site: Close to Odori Station on the Subway Namboku Line, Subway Tozai Line and Subway Toho Line
Tsudome site: 15 min. from Sakaemachi Station on the Subway Toho Line. There is also a shuttle bus running from Ohdori and Sakaemachi.
Susukino site: Close to Susukino Station on the Subway Namboku Line
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45.Any other recommended places to go other than the 3 sites?

Check out the 40 or so various events going on around Sapporo.

46.In winter in Sapporo, what do you recommend to eat?

Seafood tastes best in winter! See here for more information!
Traditional foods and seasonal flavors of the Northern Country recommended to travelers visiting Sapporo in the winter

47.In winter in Sapporo, what activities do you recommend?

There is a lot to do at each Snow Festival site, but there are also many activities to experience at the surrounding facilities. See here for more information!
Sports tourism in Sapporo! Enjoy an exciting game of curling with everyone.

48.Where can I get useful tourist information and snow festival official goods and souvenirs?

The Tourist Information Center in the city offers official guidebooks. Tourist information is also available on the official Website.
Tourist Information

49.Where can I talk to someone if I have tourism-related questions?

Stop by the Tourist Information Centers in the city.
Tourist Information

50.Is there accessibility (barrier-free) support?

The “Welfare Volunteer House” set up at the Odori Nishi 6 chome site during the Sapporo Snow Festival, offers rental wheelchairs and wheelchair assistance for the elderly and handicapped persons.
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