Hokkaido Shrine Festival

A Traditional Shinto Festival in June with a Dazzling Parade and Bustling Stalls

June 14–16, 2020

Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, it will be canceled.
Please check the official website for more details.

The main festival of Hokkaido Shrine—also called the Sapporo Festival—has a history going back over a century. On June 16, the final day, a line of more than a thousand people in colorful Heian period costumes parades around the city, along with four mikoshi portable shrines and eight floats. The parade starts at Hokkaido Shrine in Maruyama and reaches central Sapporo in the afternoon, passing along major avenues lined with spectators. Traditional dedication ceremonies are held at the shrine, where many festival stalls are also set up. Stalls and other attractions, including a haunted house, are also featured at Nakajima Park.

Hokkaido Shrine Festival

Event date
June 14–16, 2020
Hokkaido Shirine, Nakajima Park
Additional details
Telephone 011-611-0261 (Office of Hokkaido Shrine), 011-211-2536 (Nakajima Park Sapporo City, Environmental Bureau, Greenery Promotion Department, Greenery Management Section)