Recommended favorites to add to your list of must-get Hokkaido souvenirs

Here, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular products and recommended shop locations with a focus on unique local souvenirs.

When it comes to buying a souvenir from Hokkaido, most people probably think about sweets. Here, let’s change things up a bit and highlight recommended items perfect for the picky souvenir hunter, as well as the uniquely local stores where Sapporoites shop for them. Be sure to add these items to your list of must-get Hokkaido souvenirs.

Recommended in Otaru—Create your very own music box

Just a 30-minute train ride away from JR Sapporo Station is Otaru, famous for its canals but also known as a city of music boxes. There are a number of specialty shops in the city along Sakaimachi-dori, a street lined with stores carrying souvenirs and sweets. One of these is the music box hal Orgeldoh® Kaimeiro, which is housed in a historical stone-built building that was once site of a bank. You can combine your favorite song and music box design from the available options, or purchase a made-to-order music box using a song of your choice not available in the store. The store is particularly popular among travelers for its music box workshop where you can choose from a selection of around 400 songs and design a box of your very own. Aficionados flock to Otaru from all over Japan and the world to see the city of music boxes. Why not try your hand at creating your very own music box as a perfect souvenir of your Hokkaido travels?

Shop here for your music box needs!

Orgeldoh® Kaimeiro

Address Sakaimachi 1-20, Otaru
Open Late April to Early October 9:00-19:00 Mid October to Mid April 9:30 – 18:30
Telephone 0134-23-6505

Hokkaido native Ezo sika deer products as souvenirs

Leather goods made from Ezo sika deer hide are garnering new attention as souvenirs from Hokkaido. Ezo sika deer that live in the forests of Hokkaido can be encountered quite frequently if you go out driving in the Doto Area (East Hokkaido). Venison can also be tasted at Camarade Sapporo Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Each of these leather deer hide products is certified as Sapporo Style. Soft and rich in quality, creating their own character as they age, they are sure to serve as perfect souvenir reminders of your travels.

*Sapporo Style: Sapporo original brands certified by the Sapporo City. There are a wide selection of goods drawn on Sapporo’s local traditions that enrich your life and broaden your mind.

Get your Ezo sika deer leather products here!


Address MUSEUM Minami 3-Jo Higashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 – 19:00
Telephone 011-596-7752

Kusaka Kaban

Address Minami 3-Jo Nishi 8-chome 7-3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo (Tanuki Koji 8-chome)
Open Friday to Monday 11:00 – 19:00(Sunday – 17:00)Telephone 011-210-7388

Search for souvenirs at Hokkaido’s own local convenience store chain

One enjoyable part of any trip is visiting supermarkets or stores that are frequented by locals. These stores offer many limited-edition items only available here in Hokkaido, such as Sapporo Classic beer or Soft Katsugen, a lactobacillus drink. If you are out for a walk around town, be on the lookout for Seicomart, Hokkaido’s very own local convenience store chain. In addition to Hokkaido -made sweets you can eat on the spot like daifuku (soft rice cake with sweet bean filling) and soft-serve ice cream made from local Hokkaido milk, stores with a Hot Chef corner serve freshly prepared warm bento box meals for takeout. Also check out the sake-toba, jerky made from Hokkaido salmon, and Guarana, a chilled beverage that tastes similar to cola.

Hokkaido’s most popular local convenience store chain


Address 1178 stores in Hokkaido, Ibaraki and Saitama prefectures
(as of October 31, 2015)
Telephone 0120-89-8551 (Customer Service Center)

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