Useful information for foreign tourists who are sightseeing in Sapporo: Foreign language assistance.

Tourist information centers, bus tours, and guest houses are recommended places to receive foreign language assistance in Sapporo.

Tourist Information

You can easily ask for help at places with staff offering foreign language assistance, whether it’s about Sapporo sightseeing information or just a quick question. Check the page listed below for a list of tourist information centers offering foreign language assistance.

Tourist Information

Bus Tours

Some bus tours offer foreign language guidance, with routes that cover major sightseeing spots in and around Sapporo.
* Foreign language guidance is provided via audio and available on some tours only.
* Tours are not conducted by a live guide.

Guest House

Staying at a guesthouse is another option popular with young travelers. Since many guesthouses have staff capable of speaking English, and the relationship between host and guest is closer than at typical accommodation options, you may be able to get the kind of tips and recommendations that only Sapporo locals can offer.

Useful Information