Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: Smoking manners.

Do not litter in Sapporo.

The City of Sapporo has established rules against littering cigarette butts and smoking while walking to protect pedestrians as well as the environment of its communities. The city ordinance prohibits cigarette butts and packs from being littered along the street anywhere in the city of Sapporo. Using cigarettes while walking in outdoor public spaces, such as roads, parks, plazas and rivers, is also designated as bad smoking manners. Be aware that individuals who litter cigarette butts in “designated beautification priority areas” of central Sapporo or smoke cigarettes while walking in smoking-restricted areas will be subject to a fine. Smokers need to use smoking rooms in public facilities or smoke in designated areas where ashtrays are set up. Some restaurants prohibit indoor smoking while others have separate smoking and non-smoking areas.

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