A Summertime Treat for Both Locals and Tourists

July 21 – August 16, 2023

The Sapporo Summer Festival attracts more than a million visitors to its cavernous beer garden stretching from 5-chome to 11-chome in Odori Park operating for about a month; a Hokkai Bon Odori dance, the Tanuki Festival along the Tanukikoji shopping street, the Susukino Festival, and numerous other events held in conjunction with it. When it began in 1954, the main site was Nakajima Park and featured a boat festival, bon odori dancing, fireworks display, firefly hunting, and the Tanabata star festival. The venue moved to Odori Park in 1957, and the beer garden first appeared at 6-chome in 1959.

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Sapporo Summer Festival

Event date
July 21 - August 16, 2023
Odori Park, Sapporo Tanukikoji Shopping District, Susukino District