Otaru Snow Light Path

A dreamlike winter tradition, where the old-fashioned townscape of Otaru is illuminated with candles

middle of February, 2025

Otaru Snow Light Path is a winter tradition in the port city of Otaru where the streets are decorated with a myriad of snow candles. The main venues are the historic Otaru canal and the former Japan National Railways Temiya Line, which keep alive the history of Otaru that flourished as the gateway to the development of Hokkaido. The canal, which has ball candles using fishing gear floating on the surface, is a great photo spot. At the Temiya Line venue, which has snow candles and a snow slide, there are many foreign volunteers and it has become a place for travelers to mix. From the desire for you to “enjoy the food of Otaru”, there are also tickets on sale during the event period which let you enjoy eating sushisweets or noodles inexpensively as you walk around. Fully enjoy the taste of the city of Otaru together with the dreamlike scenery.

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Telephone 0134-32-4111 Ext. 267 (Otaru Snow Light Path Executive Committee Secretariat)

Otaru Snow Light Path

Event date
middle of February, 2025
Otaru canal, the former Temiya railway line, Asarigawa Onsen and other sites in the city