Fireworks festivals held in Sapporo

A typical scene of summer in Japan—dazzling fireworks blossoming in the sky of Sapporo

Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks FestivalJuly 6, 2024Makomanai Sekisui Heim Stadium
Doshin UHB Fireworks FestivalJuly 26, 2024near Toyohiragawa Minami 13-jo
Bankei Summer Festival Fireworks FestivalAugust 3, 2024Sapporo Bankei Ski Area
Hokkaido Artistic Fireworks September 7, 2024Moerenuma park

From mid-July to the end of September, fireworks festivals are held at various locations across Sapporo. “Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival”, among the largest of its kind in Hokkaido with a total of 22,000 fireworks, is held in Makomanai Park. “Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival” has a history of over half a century and is held near the Toyohira River Minami Bridge in central Sapporo. Started off in 2012, “Hokkaido Artistic Fireworks” features a combination of fireworks and music. The view of fireworks blossoming in the large expanse of the sky is stunning. The climate of Sapporo with its gentle night breeze is perfect for enjoying fireworks—a typical scene of summer in Japan. We invite you to enjoy the various fireworks festivals, each with its unique scenery and performance. “LIGHT UP NIPPON HOKKAIDO” is a fireworks show held at Takino Suzuran Park, funded by donations to help towards restoration efforts after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. In addition to the fireworks show, this unique combination event features candle art that uses 5,000 candles, and a music stage in this outdoors festival.

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Fireworks festivals held in Sapporo

Event date
●Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival July 6, 2024
●Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival July 26, 2024
●Bankei Summer Festival Fireworks Festival August 3, 2024
●Hokkaido Artistic Fireworks September 7, 2024
Makomanai Sekisui Heim Stadium, near Toyohiragawa Minami 13-jo, Sapporo Bankei Ski Area, Moerenuma park
Telephone 011-841-8166 (Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival), 011-210-5732 (Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival), 011-641-0071 (Bankei Summer Festival Fireworks Festival), 011-375-7271 (Hokkaido Artistic Fireworks)