Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: How to use “Coin Laundry” centers

How to use “Coin Laundry” centers

Visitors staying several days in Sapporo are sure to find the coin-operated washing and drying machines at self-service “Coin Laundry” centers around the city to be very convenient. Laundry detergent is automatically added to the wash load, so all you have to bring with you is your laundry and some cash. You can use the small washing machines to wash clothing items for a few hundred yen. Although there are money changers available at these centers, it is not unusual for them to reject 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen bills, so make sure to bring coins with you. Sapporo locals also use the large capacity washers at these Coin Laundry centers to wash their thick blankets and bedding. If you don’t understand something about how to use the machines, try asking one of the locals there.

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