Sports tourism in Sapporo! Enjoy skiing through popular ski programs designed for beginners.

Ski areas are easily accessible by public transit, making it a popular winter activity for visitors to Sapporo. Many ski competitions take place from January to March, which are fun for spectators to witness firsthand the powerful display of skiing skills in action. For those who may be wondering if beginners can really enjoy skiing, we will introduce a popular program called “Skiing for the First Time” offered at Sapporo Teine, a venue that played host to the 1972 Winter Olympics. Don’t miss out on the fun of skiing down a pure white snowfield.

Skiing has long been favorite winter sport of Sapporoites.

Skiing was brought to Sapporo in 1908 by Swiss teacher Hans Koller, who took a post at the Sapporo Agricultural College. The sport is familiar to residents of Sapporo as the go-to winter activity. You can see people practice skiing not only at designated ski areas in the city of Sapporo but also using small slopes in parks. Skiing is tourist friendly as Sapporo’s ski areas also offer lessons with rental equipment. Cross-country skiing (walking while skiing) is also popular among Sapporoites of all ages, and Nakajima Park even offers free equipment rentals. The city of Sapporo hosts international events such as the International Miyasama Ski Games, which started in 1930 in commemoration of the visit to Hokkaido by Prince Chichibu. Don’t miss the chance to watch the powerful display of skiing skills from January to March when many competitions are held at venues including Sapporo Teine and Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium. Whether you enjoy the sport as a participant or spectator, skiing in Sapporo is surely not to be missed.

Fun skiing for beginners!

“Skiing for the First Time” available at Sapporo Teine includes careful instruction on how to put on the skis, walking practice, and sliding on a gentle slope. The program, which includes equipment and wear rental for 1.5 hours at a reasonable price of 10,000 yen, is popular even among international visitors.


  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Wear long socks to prevent blisters from your feet rubbing against the skates.
  • You can wear snowboarding clothing on top of your everyday pants, but wearing it over only thermal tights and thick socks will make snowboarding easier.


  • Please reserve a spot by 17:00 the day before by providing your name, age, height, and boot size.


  • 10,000 yen for 1.5 hours or 13,500 yen for 3 hours
    *Price includes rental for one set of skis, ski wear, hat, gloves, and goggles, as well as ski lift during the program.

Availability period

  • Offered until April 2, 2017 (tentative)

Lesson times

  • Morning session: 11:00 to 12:30 / Afternoon session: 13:30 to 15:00

Register for your lesson

Please check in at the Ski School Desk on the 1F of Olympia House at least one hour before the start of the program. It may take a while to get changed for the first time, so you should arrive early.

Rent your ski equipment and wear

Rent your ski equipment and wear

After a light stretch, put on your skis.

The instructor will share tips on how to hold the stocks and shake snow off the back of your shoes.

Start with walking practice

Practice first with only one ski before putting them on both feet. Once you are comfortable with changing the direction and making a stop, try pushing yourself forward using the stocks. You should begin to feel the rush of sliding on snow.

Take to the slopes

Point the toes of your skis inwards and slide slowly. Whenever in doubt, the instructor will help you manipulate the skis so you can be rest assured.

Ride the lift to the course for beginners

Depending on how well you progress, you may get to ride the lift. The instructor will teach you how to slide sideways to go down a steep slope safely and then you’ll be able to try a longer distance. If your goal is to ride the lift, try the four hour lesson or the one-on-one lesson, where people tend to master skiing the quickest.

Don’t forget to enjoy the fun after skiing

At restaurant White Birch Hall (last order at 14:30), we recommend the cutlet tantan men noodles handmade with Hokkaido-grown wheat. North Maple is another place that opens until late at night that serves simple dishes including curry. Don’t forget to try the drink amazake (a traditional sweet Japanese drink made from fermented rice) while you are here, too.

Sapporo Teine

AddressOlympia Zone Teine-hon-cho 593, Teine-ku, Sapporo
Saturdays, Sundays,
national holidays
and school winter break
・Board JR Hokkaido Bus (Limited Express 70) in front of Sapporo Station (Bus Terminal Bay 5) and get off at Teine Olympia-mae bus stop. *Travel time is approximately 52 minutes
・Approximately 40 minutes by car from Sapporo Station
・Take Hakodate Main Line from JR Sapporo Station and get off at Teine Station. Take JR Hokkaido Bus (Te 70) from the South Exit of Teine Station and get off at Teine Olympia-mae bus stop. *Travel time is approximately 40 minutes
・Approximately 40 minutes by car from Sapporo Station