Enjoy Sapporo like the locals with “Streetcar (Shiden) Sightseeing”: Recommended Spots Edition

Best spots for souvenir shopping, night views, and cafes! Recommended spots along the Sapporo Shiden route.

Take a ride on the Sapporo Streetcar (Shiden) to sightsee while enjoying Sapporo like the locals. Following the How to Ride edition for information and tips about traveling on the streetcar, this Recommended Spots edition highlights popular cafes and signature souvenir shops frequented by Sapporoites. One roundtrip on the shiden takes 55 minutes. The shiden one-day pass “Dosanko Pass” is a great option for sightseeing on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Pick out a few places you’d like to visit to create your own “streetcar (shiden) sightseeing” travel itinerary.

Best spots for souvenir shopping, night views, and cafes! Recommended spots along the Sapporo Shiden route.

Tanuki koji

This is a new stop since the new circular route started service in December 2015. Located immediately in front of Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade and near the long-established confectionary shop Senshu-an, the streetcar is directly accessible from the curbside.

Nishi yon chome

This stop is located next to the scramble intersection surrounded by department stores and fashion shops. This is also the nearest station to Odori Park. This is a convenient station for hopping on the shiden for sightseeing in between your shopping.

Nishi hatchome

Right in front of the station is Miyoshi Jinja Shrine, also known to the locals as Sankichisan. Every year on May 14 and 15, the shrine plays host to the traditional Miyoshi Jinja Festival, kicking off Sapporo’s summer festivals.

Chuo kuyakusho mae

This stop is close to Siesta Labo., a store that makes handmade soaps that are popular souvenir items of Sapporo. The adjacent cafe ATELIER Morihiko is a great place to rest your feet after shopping. Beer lovers may also want to visit Beer Cellar Sapporo, the specialty craft beer store located right across the street.

Nishi jugo chome

This is the closest stop to D&DEPARTMENT HOKKAIDO by 3KG, a store that carries carefully-selected accessories and foods from all over Hokkaido, as well as space1-15, an apartment building known for boutique studios featuring artists of Sapporo. Both locations have an attached café space perfect for a relaxing meal after souvenir shopping. 

Nishisen roku jo

Nishisen ku joAsahiyama koen dori

Nishisen juichi jo

Nishisen juyo jo

Nishisen juroku jo

Ropeway iriguchi

This is the access point to Mt. Moiwa, one of Japan’s new top three spots for night views. Take in the glorious 360 degree panoramic view of Sapporo’s city lights at night from the observatory on top of the mountain. See our nightscape special feature here.

Densha jigyosho mae

Visit the train bureau to learn more about the shiden, through a guided tour and explanation of the trams (free admission). See How to Ride Edition for more information.

Chuo toshokan mae

Ishiyama dori

Higashi tonden dori

Konan shogakko mae

Yamahana juku jo

Seishugakuen mae

Gyokei dori

This is the closest stop to the south entrance of Nakajima Park. Don’t forget to stop by Marumi Coffee Stand Nakajima Park on your way to enjoy a stroll in the park with takeout coffee.

Nakajima koen dori

This is the recommended stop for visitors to Hoheikan, which is located withinNakajima Park. This stop is also close to the famous take-out only sandwich shop Sandria dear to Sapporo locals and worth stopping by.

Yamahana ku jo

Higashi Honganji mae

Shiseikan Shogakko mae


After enjoying sightseeing on the shiden, head into the central business and shopping district of Susukino. Meidai Nigirimeshi is a handmade onigiri (rice ball) shop that serves delicious rice balls 24-hours a day to fill your empty stomach.

See the How to Ride Edition for tips about how to ride and get the most out of your travel on the Shiden. Don’t forget to visit this page too!