Sundries and Cafés

“Made in Hokkaido” sundries and cafés, making your souvenir shopping in Sapporo even more enjoyable

Souvenir shopping is going to be one of the highlights of your travel. In addition to the classic souvenirs of Sapporo such as confectionaries, agricultural produce, and sea foods, sundries packed with the charm of Sapporo and Hokkaido are recommended. Your shopping hours will be more enjoyable if the shop also has a café inside. After finding the souvenirs of your choice, sit back and enjoy a cup of good coffee.

Hand-made soaps using only ingredients from Hokkaido


Here in “SAVON de SIESTA”, soaps are made by hand with the utmost dedication to details at the workshop adjoining the store. Using as much natural ingredients as possible, these soaps have been conferred the “Sapporo Style*” certification for its high quality. What we recommend are soaps made from natural ingredients in Hokkaido, such as organic azuki beans grown in Tokachi, silver birth from Shimokawa-cho where 90% of the municipality is covered in forests, and natural salt from the Sea of Okhotsk. At the shop “Siesta Labo.”, you may also find original home fragrance and bath salt in addition to the selection of soaps. “Hatsu-yuki (first snow)”—sliced soaps with snowflake crystal patterns—are sure to bring you delight as the ideal souvenir.

*Sapporo Style: Sapporo original brands certified by the Sapporo City. There are a wide selection of goods drawn on Sapporo’s local traditions that enrich your life and broaden your mind.

Address Sapporo AS Bldg. 1F, Minami 1-jo Nishi 12-chome 4-182, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
Open 11:00–19:00

The adjoining café “Atelier Morihiko”, popular among Sapporo locals, offers a wide variety of freshly roasted, original coffee blends and house-made desserts. After your souvenir shopping, sit back and enjoy some quality time as you look out of the windows at the trams passing by.

Durable sundries infused with Hokkaido craftsmanship


Hokkaido is also famous for its wooden products, which are made from high-quality trees in the abundant forests as well as the technological expertise cultivated over the years. We recommend the wooden dinnerware made by Takahashi Carpentry Workshop in Asahikawa, which come at reasonable prices and can be used for daily scenes. Each cup and plate has a unique wood texture and you are sure to find the one you like.Inside the shop lined up with long-time popular products, there is also a corner featuring not only works by Takahashi Carpentry Workshop but also sundries and foods selected from elsewhere in Hokkaido and is ideal for your souvenir shopping.

Address Odori Nishi 17-1-7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Open 12:00–20:00

An apartment with shops by local Sapporo artisans offering an alternative souvenir shopping experience


If you are looking for crockery, accessories, bags and other sundries made by local Sapporo artisans, we recommend “space1-15” with small shops to cater to your needs. The facility is an old, hidden-away apartment with only a hand-made floor guide board at the entrance and you enter it by pressing an intercom. From the second to the fifth floor are unique shops renovated from 1DK rooms, offering goods you won’t find elsewhere. The stores are also workshops so you can see how the products are made directly or have a chat with the artisans. You are sure to enjoy this alternative shopping experience to find the souvenir you need.

Address Chateau le reve, Minami 1-jo 15-chome 1-139, Sapporo
Open Business days and hours differ depending on the store.

There are three café you may go—“KITCHEN TOROIKA” which also offers great food, “Shoko (library) 303” which features sundries made by Sapporo artisans and selected by the owner as well as books lining up along the walls, and “miel” famous for its hand-made confectionaries. Which café would you prefer?

So have you made up your mind? When you come back from your trip, you will recall fondly the moments spent in Sapporo every time you use the products you have purchased. Please add the above locations to your list when looking for souvenirs in Sapporo.