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A guide to nighttime sightseeing spots in Sapporo, where you can enjoy Hokkaido’s nature and night views that also make great date spots

Hokkaido, which features no less than 5 of the top 100 best night views in Japan, as chosen by night-view lovers, can be said to be a mecca of night views, alongside the likes of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka and Hyogo. Sapporo, in particular, has a large number of night view spots, including Mount Moiwa and JR Tower Observation Deck T38, which were selected for inclusion in the top 100 best night views in Japan, in addition to Sapporo TV Tower and NORBESA ferris wheel in the Odori Park / Susukino district, Okurayama Viewing Point at the top of the ski-jump platform, and Asahiyama Memorial Park. We introduce “Sapporo’s best night view spots”, carefully selected from the local viewpoint of Sapporo residents.

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Sapporo night views featuring in the top 100 best night views in Japan

Sapporo is home to two of the night view spots featured among the top 100 best night views in Japan. The first is “Mount Moiwa“, which was also chosen as one of Hokkaido’s three best night views. The observation deck on the summit, at a height of 531 meters above sea level, provides a 360-degree panorama of the night view of Sapporo’s city center. It is in a good location that can be accessed using public transport and includes private parking. The second is “JR Tower Observation Deck T38“, which is directly connected to Sapporo Station. From the observation deck on the top 38th floor, at a height of 180 mether above sea level, you can view the grid-like arrangement of the city of Sapporo by night in all four directions. The men’s observation lavatory is also a must see.

Sapporo night views recommended for dates

If you want to enjoy a night view on a date, how about trying the NORBESA ferris wheel “NORIA” in Hokkaido’s premier business area Susukino. Looking down on the night view of Sapporo from the rooftop ferris wheel, at a height of approximately 110 meter, will liven up your mood. The “Sapporo TV Tower” observation deck is located in Odori Park 1-chome. During Sapporo White Illumination and the Snow Festival, you can enjoy the romantic night view of Sapporo, made up with snow and electric lighting.

For couples who want something even more exhilarating, how about enjoying the night view of the city of Sapporo by air. The helicopters and Cessnas flown by Aero Asahi and Hokkaido Aviation, out of Okadama Airport, enable you to fully enjoy the night view of Sapporo from the air. It will no doubt be a night to remember. Both are seasonal and require reservation.

Hokkaido Aviation
“Christmas Sapporo Night Cruising” “Sapporo Snow Festival Night Cruising”

DatesLate December, Late February
Flight timeDecember / helicopter, 10 minutes; Cessna, 16 minutes (16:00–20:00)
February / Cessna, 16 minutes (17:30–20:00)
RouteOkadama Airport – Odori Park – Okadama Airport
CostDecember / helicopter, shared: adults ¥12,000, children ¥10,000 (ages 3–12), chartered: up to 5 persons ¥53,000, Cessna, chartered: up to 5 persons ¥30,000
February / Cessna, chartered: up to 5 persons ¥30,000
Inquiries011-781-1247 (Hours 09:00–17:00)

Aero Asahi
“Christmas Scenic Flight”

DatesLate December
Flight timeHelicopter, 13 minutes (16:00–19:30)
RouteOkadama Airport – TV Tower – Susukino – Odori – Okadama Airport
CostAdults ¥15,500, children (ages 4–15) ¥12,000, chartered ¥45,000 (up to 4 to 5 persons)
Inquiries011-782-0603 (Hours 09:00–17:30)

Hokkaido nature and Sapporo night views that can be enjoyed by families and persons with children

The two night view spots recommended for persons with children are “Asahiyama Memorial Park” and “Horomi Pass Observation Carpark”. Both are about 15 minutes away from the center of Sapporo by car (taxi). At Asahiyama Memorial Park, as well as being able to enjoy the night view from an elevation 110 meter above sea level, during the day, you can play in the park’s playground or the kid’s square, making it a night view spot where persons with young children can enjoy the whole day. Horomi Pass is a hidden beauty spot in the Bankei area, where you can enjoy around 5,000 lavender plants in summer. At night, the car park becomes a night view spot, about 300 meter above sea level. Finally, how about enjoying the night view while having a meal at “Lamb Dining Okurayama”, which faces the Okurayama Jump Stadium? Come and savor the epitome of Hokkaido gourmet, lamb cuisine, while enjoying a view overlooking the Sapporo cityscape from a height of over 160m.