Sapporo Olympic Winter Games (1972)

We follow the trajectory of the Sapporo Olympic Winter Games.
The Olympic facilities inside Sapporo city retain the atmosphere of the time.

The Sapporo Olympics (The 11th Winter Olympiad) was held from February 3 to 13, 1972. Events were organized in and around Sapporo city, including Makomanai Park, where the opening and closing ceremonies were staged, and the atmosphere of that time remains today all through the seasons.

The facilities still in existence include the Okurayama Viewing Point and Miyanomori Ski Jump StadiumSapporo TeineMikaho Gymnasium and Tsukisamu Gymnasium, and you cannot miss Fu’s Snow Area, which used to be a luge training course. The Sapporo Municipal Subway opened in December of the year before the Sapporo Olympics, and what was the Olympic Village at the time is now the Makomanai housing complex (Gorin complex). The Sapporo Olympics logo was designed by Kazumasa Nagai, who is known for his logo design for the JR Group. The Olympic flame cauldron in Makomanai Park was designed by Sori Yanagi. The Olympic flame cauldron is still around, on Mt. Teine and in front of Sapporo City Hall. Looking at the various materials from that time at Sapporo Olympic Museum, wandering around the various facilities that still remain in the city, and strolling around thinking about the successes of the Japanese team is perhaps another way of enjoying sightseeing in Sapporo.

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