Share cycle “Porocle”

Discover Sapporo by share bicycle “Porocle”!

“Porocle” is a popular share bicycle service. You can easily rent a bicycle just by holding up aregistered IC card at the port (a designated unmanned parking space) which is located in about 40places within the center of Sapporo.
It is a very convenient system where you can rent and return bicycles at any of the ports.
You can use this service for sightseeing as well as a way of transportation during business trips.”One day pass” is recommended for sightseeing 1650 yen . Using “one day pass”,you can rent and return a bicycle as many times until 22:00. If you have a call-capable mobilephone, it is possible to purchase a one day pass at tourist office or affiliated hotels (parentalconsent is necessary for minors).
There are also a host of convenient services for the general public, including a One-tripmembership and a monthly membership (registration required).

Please check the website for details

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