Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma Park is a landscape sculpture Mecca designed by Isamu Noguchi offering distinctive expressions of the four seasons

Moerenuma Park is designed by sculpture artist Isamu Noguchi as a work of sculpture art in itself. The park was reborn from a waste disposal site and transformed into an art park representative of Sapporo over a period of 23 years. The grand scale of this project earned it the name “landscape sculpture.” Visitors can enjoy different scenery depending on the time of the day and season. Instead of picturing yourself in a park, you should probably think of yourself as being inside a huge sculpture piece.

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Located approximately 12 km from downtown Sapporo, Moerenuma Park is a popular destination for Sapporoites to relax and enjoy the four seasons of Hokkaido. There is always something to do for families or couples at the park throughout the year, including flower viewing in the spring, water play and picnicking in the summer, taking in the beauty of cirrocumulus clouds above the plain field in the fall, or enjoying the snowshoeing or sledding in the winter. Check out the following top eleven must-do list for visitors.

Moerenuma Park points of interest map

Climb the 62-meter tall Mt. Moere to take in the panoramic view of the entire park.

Mt. Moere has a perfect triangular silhouette. There are five routes that lead to the top of the mountain which can be reached within 10 minutes. Be sure to take in the whole view of the park or Sapporo’s cityscape from the peak.

The glass pyramid “Hidamari”, the symbol of Moerenuma Park

It is said that this facility is the symbol of Moerenuma Park. Inside you’ll find a gallery of images and books that introduce Isamu Noguchi, a multi-purpose space where all types of events and meetings can be held, a French restaurant, and a shop that sells Moerenuma Park original goods. The facilities’ operating hours and closed days are subject to change, so for more information please check out the official home page.

Ride a rental bike around the park

Rent a bicycle to visit each main point of interest within the expanses of Moerenuma Park, which has a circumference of 3.7 km. Rental options include adult and child sized bicycles as well as ones with a baby seat. (Available between April 29 and November 3, rental fees apply)

Watch the ocean’s water spout show

Check out the nighttime illumination event taking place on Saturday, Sunday and holidays between April and May as well as throughout June to October. Official website

Enjoy a picnic with a boxed take-out lunch

Enjoy a quick picnic with a boxed take-out lunch from one of the snack venders inside the park. *Panier, a take-out vender, is open between mid April and early November, but closed on Mondays.

Play on the work of art by Isamu Noguchi

Moerenuma Park features 126 play equipment designed by sculpture artist Isamu Noguchi, which can be enjoyed by all ages, including as play structures by children or works of art to admire by adults.

Enjoy the flower blossoms of the forest of cherry trees in the spring

Moerenuma Park features 126 play equipment designed by sculpture artist Isamu Noguchi, which can be enjoyed by all ages, including as play structures by children or works of art to admire by adults.

Play in the water at Moere Beach in the summer

Play in the water at Moere Beach in the summer

Watch the fireworks show put together by expert pyrotechnicians in the fall

Moerenuma Artistic Fireworks, a fireworks event which combines the synchronized beauty of fireworks and music takes place in the autumn above the park’s large open field. The show is put together by a number of pyrotechnicians from all over Japan utilizing both Japanese traditions and the latest pyrotechnology to bring to you art in the sky in close proximity. *Admission charge applies Official website

 In the winter rent sleds, snowshoes or cross country skies

The yearly snowfall in Sapporo totals six meters, so people are very used to snow. The children living in Hokkaido love to play in the snow! No special equipment is needed; Everyone loves playing in the snow in Sapporo, including children, adults, and tourists!

If you feel ambitious, come to the park with Porocle!

While most people travel to Moerenuma Park by rental car or public transportation, if you have the energy and ambition, why not visit Moerenuma Park by bicycle. Porocle is a rental bicycle service located at over 40 places within the city, which enables anyone to borrow and return from wherever they like, including parking at the glass pyramid. By bicycle, it takes between 1.5 and 2 hours from downtown Sapporo to the park one way. (Please note there is no place to return the bike in the park.) There are other places of interest nearby within 10 to 15 minutes including Sapporo Satoland and Moere Natural Hot Springs Tamayura no Mori. Official website

Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma-koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporov
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