Gotenzan Park

A public park located on the remains of a Sapporo quarry, where you can enjoy barbecues or sports empty-handed

Gotenzan Park is a public park constructed on the remains of a stone quarry in western Sapporo City. Covering approximately 25 hectares surrounded by mountains, the park premises are equipped with a variety of facilities such as a grilling area for barbecues, playground, and golf course, and is bustling with Sapporo citizens. Since barbecue ingredients are sold at the cafeteria, and sports equipment are available for rental, you can enjoy a full day at the park even if you show up empty-handed. The wheelchairs and baby strollers available for free rental are also convenient. This area was once famous as a rice-producing region in Sapporo covered in rice paddies inhabited by fireflies, and a small stream and watermill have been restored in the park. It is a popular spot with children who visit to see the fireflies in the summer.

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Gotenzan Park

Fukui 423-banchi, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
Golf Course (admission required)
Late April to Early November,  7:00~19:00

Grilling Area 
Early April to late October,  9:00~17:00

Tennis Court
Early June to late October
Environment Study Center
Late April to late October, 10:00~17:00
Closed: Monday *Closed the following weekday if Monday is a holiday
Free admission
Mid-April to November 30, 7:00~19:00
December 1 to mid-April, 8:00~17:00