Useful Information for Foreign Tourists in Sapporo: How to use toilets.

Toilets at public and commercial facilities are available for free.

Public places such as underground passageways, subway stations, and JR stations, as well as those in commercial facilities such as department stores and shopping malls in Sapporo have toilets available for visitors to use. Nearly all toilets have toilet paper, which can be flushed down the toilet. One unique aspect of toilets in Japan is the presence of toilet flushing simulators that play a sound of flowing water to muffle the noises made while using the toilet. Many toilets are equipped with a warm water “washlet” that features a spray for your bottom and a bidet function as well. Take care with pressing those buttons, as a toilet equipped with a water spray will shoot out water when you are seated on the toilet. Recently, in place of a flush lever, some newer toilets are flushed by passing your hand over a sensor or pressing a switch located on a separate panel on the wall. There are also toilets with lids that open automatically when they detect someone enter the stall and flushes by themselves afterwards.

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