Access/Transportation in Sapporo City

Transportation in Sapporo City

Access/Transportation in Sapporo City

Transportation in Sapporo City

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Smart cards

Smart cards can be used for travel inside Sapporo City and around its outskirts via public transportation. You can quickly get on and off public transportation just by tapping the card on the reader of the ticket gate machine or fare box. These cards are also convenient since they can be used as electronic money. At present, smart cards that can be used in Sapporo are Kitaca (JR Hokkaido), SAPICA (Sapporo Municipal Transportation),Suica (JR East), PASMO, manaca, TOICA, PiTaPa, ICOCA, Hayakaken, nimoca, and SUGOCA.


Kitaca is a smart card issued by the Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido). In addition to the JR Hokkaido smart card area, it can also be used in the SAPICA area. However, services such as points are not available.

Available areaJR Hokkaido smart card area, SAPICA area, supported areas across Japan (for more information, please visit the website
more information, please visit the website
Price¥2,000 (¥1,500 can be used for fare, while ¥500 is the deposit)
Purchase locationsStations in the Kitaca available area, JR Ticket Offices
Charge locationsJR Ticket Offices, ticket vending machines supporting Kitaca, charging machines, etc.

*What is the deposit?
The deposit cannot be used for train fare and is returned when you cancel your contract (request a refund).


SAPICA can be used on Sapporo’s subway lines, buses, and the streetcar. With each trip, you receive points equivalent to 10% of the fare. Points will be automatically deducted for fare payment once you have accumulated enough points to cover the fare. With SAPICA, you will also receive discounts on transfers automatically.
* SAPICA cannot be used in areas of other smart cards such as Kitaca.

Available areaSubways, buses, and streetcars in the Sapporo area
Price¥2,000 (¥1,500 can be used for fare, while ¥500 is the deposit)
Purchase locationsSubway stations, commuter pass sales offices, bus terminals, office counters
Charge locationsSubway ticket vending machines, charging machines, bus offices, some convenience stores

Fare and tickets

SAPICA / Kitaca / Suica



The Sapporo Municipal Subway is the most accessible form of transportation for sightseeing in Sapporo. It operates three lines: the Namboku Line, Tozai Line, and Toho Line. All of these lines can be boarded at Odori Station, linking the central part of Sapporo with the northern, southern, western, and eastern areas. Major stations are connected to streetcars, buses, and the JR lines, and many citizens use the subway for commuting to work or school. The Namboku Line is green, the Tozai Line is orange, and the Toho Line is sky blue.

Time of operationApproximately 6:00–24:00
Time requiredApproximately two to three minutes between each station
ChargesAdults: ¥210–380 * Children: ¥110–190
One-Day Card for Subway Only
Adults: ¥830 * Children: ¥420
Donichika Ticket (1 Day Subway Pass for Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and between December 29 and January 3)
Adults: ¥520 * Half price for children

Subway route map

*In addition to cash, SAPICA, Kitaca, Suica, etc. can be used to purchase tickets.


Railway (JR)

From JR Sapporo Station as the starting point, you may ride on trains bound for Teine and Atsubetsu (Hakodate Main Line), Shin-Sapporo (Chitose Line), and Ainosato (Gakuen-Toshi Line). Take the route that goes with your travel plan!

JR Hokkaido train timetable and fare information



The Sapporo Streetcar is Japan’s northernmost streetcar line serving a loop that covers the southwestern area of the downtown core where there is no subway service. Some of the streetcars have been painted a charming green or wrapped in entire advertisements, while modern streetcars began operations in May 2013. The streetcar is a beloved heritage of Sapporoites. Look out the window of the slow moving streetcar to catch a glimpse into residential areas and shopping arcades with a different look than downtown.

Time of operationApproximately 6:00–23:00
ChargesOne ride Adults: ¥200 (children: ¥100)
1 Day Streetcar Pass Adults: ¥500 (children: ¥250)

Streetcar Route Map / Getting on/off streetcars

*In addition to cash, SAPICA, Kitaca, Suica, etc. can be used to purchase tickets.

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There are bus terminals in various locations in Sapporo City, including those directly connected to subway stations. Extensive regular-route buses link different locations in the city and are operated by three companies: Hokkaido Chuo Bus, JR Hokkaido Bus, and Jotetsu Bus.

Ekibus NAVI (information on public transportation in the Sapporo area)

Hokkaido Chuo Bus / JR Hokkaido Bus / Jotetsu Bus/ Bankei Bus / Yutetsu Bus

*Bus fares for the Hokkaido Chuo Bus, JR Hokkaido Bus, and Jotetsu Bus can be paid in cash or with SAPICA, Kitaca, or Suica IC cards.



Taxi stands are located all over central Sapporo, and you can also find many taxis running on the major roads. Credit cards are accepted in most of the taxis. In addition, there are sightseeing taxis that visit tourist attractions inside Sapporo City, with a wide range of plans for different courses and schedules. The drivers also serve as guides.

Approximate charges for regular taxis

Base fare: ¥670 up to 1,463 meters
Additional fare: ¥80 for each additional 276 meters
* Actual taxi charges may be calculated by converting time to distance.
* A late-night surcharge applies from 22:00 to 5:00.


Car rental

Renting a car is recommended if you want to drive your own car and freely visit the tourist attractions. The roads in Sapporo City are known for being very wide and comparatively easy to understand, with the streets in central Sapporo laid out in a grid pattern. Many rental car offices are located in the areas around Sapporo and Odori Stations, with a wide range of car models to choose from. Moreover, you can also rent a car from one office and return it to a different office, as long as it belongs to the same rental company.
* For information about charges, bookings, etc., please contact the car rental companies.

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Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental is a simple and convenient way to get around Sapporo City in a carefree and casual fashion. Bicycles offer great flexibility and there is no need to worry about parking, so you can travel around Sapporo in an unfettered way. Bicycles can be picked up and returned at the hotel where you are staying. Moreover, a one-day pass for Porocle—Sapporo’s new bicycle sharing service—allows you to rent and return a bicycle at any of the ports (exclusive parking spots) dotted throughout the city.


The bicycle sharing platform Porocle is a new type of registration-based bicycle rental service.

More information



Velotaxi is an environmentally friendly, three-wheeled taxi service that was developed in Germany. These taxis were introduced in Sapporo in 2008, and there are currently five of them in operation, mainly in central Sapporo. Riding in a Velotaxi, you can enjoy comfortable travel while communicating with the driver and people walking down the road. You can also experience a sense of proximity with the streets that pass by and the unique scenery. In addition, the Velotaxi is an appealing choice because it offers courses that cannot be reached by car or bus.

Time required10:00–sunset * Not available on rainy days
Period of operationEnd of April–early November
Available areaThe Velotaxi Sapporo operation area (within approximately two to three kilometers around Sapporo and Odori Stations)
The Velotaxi Sapporo operation area
ChargesBase fare (up to 500 meters)
One adult: ¥300 Plus ¥50 for each additional 100 meters
One child: ¥150 Plus ¥30 for each additional 100 meters
Rental (one Velotaxi)
¥2,500 / 30 minutes
¥4,000 / one hour
How to use the serviceHail a Velotaxi on the road and tell the driver where you want to go.