Sushi & Seafood

Sapporo is the “Kitchen of the North” where all the fishes gather
Try the raw fishes which are at their freshest

Hokkaido is surrounded by oceans on all sides and is a treasure trove of seafood of all variety, including cold and warm current fishes and migratory fishes. Sapporo does not face the ocean but at the “Central Wholesale Market” about 3km away from the city center, many variety of food from all over Hokkaido gather and people in the restaurant industry come to buy seafood. At the “Curb Market” which is opened to the public, visitors can have fresh crab at a reasonable price. The shrimp served at the sushi restaurants in Sapporo is usually raw. Try out the large “botan-ebi (shrimp)” and the delicious taste of the “ama-ebi (shrimp)”. In Sapporo, both the sushi restaurants with the counter and the more casual “kaiten sushi”, where sushi appear on a conveyer belt, are popular destinations.

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