French and Italian Cuisine

Many Michelin-starred restaurant in the city
The evolution of the “Hokkaido French” cuisine

Hokkaido is a treasure trove of good food, including fresh seafood and vegetables, dairy products made from fresh, good-quality milk, pork and beef raised in the open land, and game in the fall. There are many chefs who trained in France, and are studious in pursuit of the best ingredients by visiting the farms and going hunting during the season. An unique Sapporo French is evolving with technique learned in France combined with Japanese sensitivity infused with local essence in the ingredients and cooking style. Since French cuisine in Sapporo is quite reasonable, it is easy to add to one of the stopovers on your trip. Many French chefs are vendors at the “Sapporo Autumn Festival” which takes place at Odori Park in September. Be sure to drop by.

“Gourmet town, Sapporo” is the gathering place of Hokkaido’s seasonal ingredients poroco editor-in-chief, Satomi Fukusaki | Interview
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