Sapporo Autumn Fest

Over two million people come to experience the incredible flavors of Hokkaido

September 9 – October 1, 2022

2019 marks the 12th year that Sapporo Autumn Fest will be held in Odori Park. Under the theme Sapporo Hokkaido Cuisine, seasonal ingredients and local culinary delights are served in booths representing localities throughout Hokkaido. This event is held in collaboration with municipalities from across the prefecture and private businesses with the goal of Hokkaido-wide revitalization. 
Welcome to a food festival where delicious cuisine from all over Hokkaido is collected to the delight of both tourists and locals, alike. What incredible flavors lie in store, this year? Be sure to check out our recommended festival highlights, then join us at Sapporo Autumn Fest!
Also make sure to check out this year’s collaboration with Sapporo Gourmet Coupon to enjoy Sapporo tourism and cuisine on a budget. We’ll even be sharing our recommendations for routes to help you take in local sights as you enjoy this year’s festival, so be sure to take a look!

Odori 1 Chome: Beer Garden

Munich, Germany is a sister city of Sapporo where the world’s largest beer festival is held, and you can experience this Oktoberfest atmosphere at Odori 1 chome! Try official German Oktoberfest beer and snack on lamb chops, sausages and other German cuisine. Hokkaido craft beers will also be available for you to compare the wide variety of flavors!

Odori 4 Chome: Hokkaido Hospitality and Cuisine

Information for the entire Autumn Fest can be found at Odori 4 chome along with a selection of classic Hokkaido treats, from “Genghis Khan” grilled mutton and ramen to “Zangi” fried chicken. You can also indulge your sweet tooth with parfaits and bubble teas!

Odori 5 Chome: Ramen and Local Cuisine Smorgasbord

At Odori 5 chome, enjoy Jalan Produce ramen made with Hokkaido wheat and other local cuisine created with select ingredients. Make sure not to miss soft serve ice cream featuring the regional flavors of Hokkaido, which was a massive hit at last year’s festival.

Odori 6 Chome: Seasonal Fall Specialties

This area features an incredible selection of pizza, soup curry and all kinds of foods that are easy to carry with one hand. Be sure to try some of the tender meat dishes available here. If you’re looking for the flavors of fall, head over to Odori 6 chome!

Odori 7 Chome: Hokkaido Wines and Sakes

Try some wine, sake and cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients! You may want to pair your drinks with some of the grilled chicken and seafood available here. We’ve made the stalls here even better than last year’s, so come check them out!

Odori 8 Chome: Hometown Flavors and Local Delicacies

Odori 8 chome showcases local specialties from over 100 municipalities and organizations from all over Hokkaido. These delicacies are split up into four different groups during the festival, so you’ll have to visit often to try every flavor! This is a rare chance to savor all the foods Hokkaido’s many localities have to offer.

Odori 10 Chome: Meat-Lover’s Area

If you love wild game and other Hokkaido meat dishes, you’ll want to join us at this stylish, camp site-themed area that’s outfitted in cooperation with outdoor brands. Wash down your meal with Sapporo Classic, a beer only available in Hokkaido.

Odori 11 Chome: Fresh Vegetables and Chef’s Specialties

At Odori 11 Chome, try out daily specials prepared by popular chefs using Hokkaido ingredients. Make sure to check out Wagokoro Brewery, where you can learn about Hokkaido sake from sommeliers as you enjoy the prefecture’s incredible ingredients together with its spirits.

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Sapporo Autumn Fest

Event date
September 9 - October 1, 2022
Odori Park