The Rising Sun Rock Festival 2022 in Ezo

Rockin’ Till the Break of Dawn in Spacious Ishikari
One of Japan’s Top Summer Rock Festivals

August 12 – 13, 2022

The Rising Sun Rock Festival was launched in 1999 as Japan’s first full-scale, all-night outdoor rock festival. Concerts are simultaneously held on several stages—large and small—over two days on spacious grounds. The music continues all night on day two, finishing up shortly after 4 AM as the sun begins to rise. Visitors can enjoy the music any way they please: lying down on a picnic sheet, while enjoying a barbecue, or perched on top of a rolled sheet of grass. The fresh air and Hokkaido setting, along with the many food stalls, make the festival popular with the performing artists themselves. Music fans, including families, flock from all over the country, some pitching tents near the stage to spend the night at the venue.

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The Rising Sun Rock Festival 2021 in Ezo

Event date
August 12 – 13, 2022
Stage next to Tarugawa Pier, New Port of Ishikari (Zenibako 5-chome, Otaru)