of Sapporo
As the gateway to Hokkaido's natural wonders, Sapporo is a tourist-friendly capital that boasts modern advancements while exuding a quaint vibe.

Other city landmarks include the Sapporo Clock Tower, originally built as a multipurpose training hall for Hokkaido University and now serves as a museum; as well as the Sapporo TV Tower, designed by Tokyo Tower architect Tachu Naito, which offers a dramatic bird's eye view of Sapporo.

Odori Park is considered the heart of downtown Sapporo, and stretches from east to west from the center of the city. Odori Park is the main site of festivals such as the magical Sapporo Snow Festival in February, the Lilac Festival in May, and the Yosakoi Soran Festival in June. From July to August, the park turns into a massive (yet Japanese-level orderly) Summer Beer Garden, where thousands of people convene on balmy summer nights to sip cold beer. If you catch the Hokkai Bon Festival in August, here's your chance to wear a yukata (summer cotton kimono) and join in the folk dance with the locals!

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Here, we’ll introduce the main spots in Sapporo where you can access free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi Services for Tourists Operated by Sapporo City
If you enter your e-mail address and register for the “Sapporo City Wi-Fi” operated by Sapporo City, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi for up to 30 minutes each time you connect at hotspot locations. You can connect an unlimited number of times. Support is available in Japanese, English, Korean, simplified and traditional Chinese and Thai. If you have already registered on the “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” app (see below), then you do not need to register to use Sapporo City Wi-Fi.

Sapporo City Wi-Fi

Main areas with Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Sapporo Convention Center
  • Odori Park (1 - 11chome)
  • Sapporo Dome
  • Jozankei Onsen (Hot Springs)
  • Sapporo Ekimae-dori underground walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho)
  • Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla)
  • Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
  • Inside the following Sapporo municipal subway stations:
    Sapporo Station (Namboku, Toho line), Odori Station (Namboku, Tozai, and Toho Line), Susukino Station, Nakajima Koen Station, Aso Station, Makomanai Station, Miyanosawa Station, Maruyama Koen Station, Bus Center-Mae Station, Higashi-Sapporo Station, Shin-Sapporo Station, Sakaemachi Station, Fukuzumi Station

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